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Joe Biden 2021 Season Report Card

President Joe Biden is seen in the far left corner, sitting under the COP26 flag.

President Joe Biden attended the Action on Forests and Land Use ceremony on the third day of COP26.
Picture: Paul Ellis / Pool (Getty Images)

Let’s start with mixed bags, an area that probably best describes President Joe Biden’s predicament. One of the first things he did was bring the US back to the Paris Agreement, and then a few months later I committed to reducing carbon emissions at least 50% by 2030. This is good, though not consistent with what a “fair share” emissions may be because the US is the world’s largest carbon emitter. However, it gave the world a 50-50 minutes to achieve the thermal goals of the Paris Agreement, which is nothing.

However at the United Nations climate talks in Glasgow, observers were a sometimes disgusting powers. The final agreement that played a key role in shaping the process can be described, as did many international agreements before, such as progress not nearly enough. The US also signed a minority side agreements which was Good, but failed to sign the most important of all: Covenant to make an agreement to eliminate oil exploration.

As soon as the talks were over, the authorities opened up the massive sale of crude oil in US history. If we break the grade, we can give A- in talking to D in action. (Honestly, most countries scored the same. But remember, there are no distractions!)

Group: C

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