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Jodorowsky Dune Auction Crypto Winners Want To Make A TV Show

Drawings of a group of mines from Jodorowsky's Dune.

Picture: Chris Foss / Sony Classics

Late last year, a missing one of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s best-selling books give its form about the change of Dune went to sell. Expected to sell for about $ 30-40,000, it went around disturbing three million dollars, thanks to an ether support group known as TheSpiceDAO. Now, they want to use manuscripts to ^ make their own Dune.

SpiceDAO’s biggest demand for the book – one of the few copies available, some of which has been around for a while available online in the past – was part of a well-known collection of headline articles last year. Missing copies a Mario and Zelda games, jokes like The Origin of Spider-Man Amazing fantasy, and many other non-discriminatory products, which are run by people who have more money than putting fake money in the wrong categories as the next big thing. Christie’s sale to Jodorowsky’s Dune it was no different from this, though it was just speculation: the cryptocurrency-sponsored DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are raising millions of dollars from helping crypto owners buy something and web3-ify in other troublesome powers. Panali failure attempt purchase US laws, and planning to change Blockbuster in future promotional work with similar DAOs, and now, there is SpiceDAO. Contrary to SpiceDAO’s plans for these, however, the fact that they only think they are spending $ 3 million just means they have it. Dune.

SpiceDAO attracted interest – especially mockery – over the weekend and revisited their Jorowsky’s plans. Dune after his purchase. First, making the book public is a new digital copy where the purchased book is stored in “the preservation of good skills by professionals, the function of insurance, ”Is admirable, if not the case, as mentioned earlier, something that has never been done before in the original text. The problem is with two other plans, which affect conversion Moebius paintings be a series of videos to sell to the promotional function, and then once you do this, encourage hand-crafted projects from crypto enthusiasts who supported the original ad.

Except, of course, Jodorowsky’s Dune pa pa Dune, based on a textbook by Frank Herbert. Purchasing a textbook – one of the few available, though small in number – I hope to transfer the freedom to the article, or article, would be like buying the book. Amazing fantasy # 15 last year hopes to be able to go to Sony and improve Spider-Man: Are We Still Doing Home Interests?. Or, perhaps, you walk into a bookstore to pick up one of their reprinted copies Dune and players from The film is Denis Villeneuve on the cover, I think you can go there Timothée Chalamet and tell him how Chapter Two it’s yours now.

SpiceDAO at least, in some ways, acknowledged that this could be a barrier to change, and wants to lean more heavily on doing something motivated by the project. “Jodorowsky’s great vision of Dune in other words he planted the seeds of almost every Sci-Fi activity in the last 50 years. Although we do not have the technical expertise of Frank Herbert, we have the opportunity to make ourselves available to the nation as a tribute to the giants who came before us, “said DAO wr.ot ku your Medium page following a sell-off at the end of last year. Any work that came out of the purchase of SpiceDAO should tread a line that honors not only Herbert’s work, but also the work of Hollywood’s largest studio in Warner Bros. — as well as the legal rights to Jodorowsky’s estate, Moebius’ estate, and others. concerned with his actual words. But then why would SpiceDAO need to buy a Jodorowsky bible to make something inspired by Dune and the beauty of Jodorowsky and his colleagues, if they had the intention to make the original work?

Probably, the answer, is that you would not have had the opportunity to find crypto enthusiasts who helped the original ad to establish. your Dune-mutu crypto currency that way, would you? Other than that, the spices have to go one way or the other.

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