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Jett Reno Returns to New Star Trek: Discovery Season 4

Tig Nataro as Engineer Jett Reno

Tig Nataro as Engineer Jett Reno
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The fourth season of Star Trek: Find began production in November 2020. As the list goes on, the recording continues. And back to the new season is a joke Tig Notaro. Notaro’s character, Jett Reno, first appeared in the second episode of “Brother” and has changed dramatically since its inception.

In a recent interview with AV Club, Notaro confirms that he is in Toronto resuming his career as engineer Jett Reno. The comedian enjoys comparing his shows Star Trek Position as these shows change dramatically.

“One of the great things about Star Trek: Find, for me, that allows me to be more visible from time to time. I often feel like, “Oh, they’re not using it enough,” or, “How come they don’t let you…?” I’m like, “Star Trek let me do anything. “I have a job as a freelancer and other jobs and I am flexible and make my own schedule. ”

One of Notaro’s main drawbacks is the game’s dialogue. His followers were impressed with his writing, and thought he was doing well.

“I’ve heard people say, ‘Oh, I’m telling you you’re always fighting Star Trek, “And I’m like,” No. No, I’m not. Someone wrote me and they did a very good job. ” it comes naturally, or the director encourages us to do so, or my best friend goes away, maybe something will happen. But I just try to learn my lines and do what he wrote. ”

The first appearance of Jett Reno comes after The Discovery discovered the USS Hiawatha crash, which they believe was lost in the air after the war. Inside the ship, you find senior engineer Jett Reno feeding the survivors. He was then offered a job at Discovery and has been there ever since.

I like Star Trek: Find, and I’m excited about the new season!

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