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Japan and China have agreed to launch a military mobile phone

Tokyo and Beijing have agreed to launch a military hotline, according to Japanese authorities, which is developing a contingency plan to address potential problems on islands at the Taiwan Strait.

Japan’s defense ministry says governments have agreed to set up a bridge in late 2022 over a two-hour telephone call on Monday between Nobuo Kishi, Minister of Defense, and his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe.

The two ministers agreed on a “timely” connection between the two forces, the Japanese Ministry of Defense said, in a bid to improve access to navigation and airspace. was established in 2018 to avoid unplanned conflicts.

China’s security ministry did not specify a mobile phone, but said there was a need to strengthen co-operation and communication between the security services.

“We must” promote high-level exchange and mutual aid, enhance maritime and air security, risk management, prevent the spread of conflict and continuously improve security deals, “Wei said. according to China’s defense ministry.

Kishi increased Japan’s interest in the potential threats to Taiwan during its tenure, selling Financial Times This year a major international pressure was crucial for Taipei’s future without being considered for military action. A recent self-defense paper has called for Taiwan’s security to be exposed to more “hardships”.

Kishi expressed “concern” at any call for China to change the situation under duress, the Japanese Ministry of Defense has said, adding that it had told Wei that peace through the Taiwan Strait. critical to Japan’s security and international stability.

People close to the talks warned that the recent sign of agreement would not signal a major victory.

China has a mobile phone in conflict with the US, but Washington complained this year that calls are often unanswered. According to US experts, difficult communication channels were disrupted in the past during a crisis, such as the April 2001 crash of a Chinese warplane and a US spy on a southern Chinese island in Hainan.

The war-torn relationship between China and Japan has been the subject of negotiations for more than a decade. The parties agreed in 2007 to establish one but failed to complete more.

One person who briefly described the talks between Kishi and Wei said a phone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Fumio Kishida shortly after taking over as Prime Minister of Japan in October. short thaw time in relationships.

Xi said rivals should have a “strong and stable” relationship next year before the 50th anniversary of the reestablishment of their relationship in 1972.

But China’s constant climb around the Senkaku Islands – known in China as Diaoyu and referred to by Beijing – has continued.

The Chinese government was outraged by Kishida’s criticism of the incident and of Beijing’s policies in Hong Kong and Xinjiang at a regional conference in late October. “While there are opportunities to repair relationships, the foundations of the relationship are still weak,” the man said.

Experts warn that soon additional work with Chinese troops, coast guard and naval vessels – fishing boats operated by the military – around the Senkaku islands have caused accidents or open conflicts.

Additional reports of Eri Sugiura in Tokyo

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