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It’s Time to Quit the Next Plague. Can Rewards Help?

It’s complicated minutes in a global epidemic. Most of the time was found in the last two weeks as in the first six months of the epidemic – led by Brazil and India, where more than half of those cases took place. India, in particular, reports more than 400,000 cases a day, and adults fear that’s a great descent. Even in the United States, where cases are declining, the vaccine has done so reduced also, push at each end inaccessible.

As the epidemic escalates, 16 months after its onset, we are actively pursuing a little effort to get education on this problem in the next prevention period. Some are political, showing how countries and the World Health Organization can do better. Others are commercial, which offers opportunities in the manufacturing industry. And some are experiments supported by big tickets. All of this aims to make this a long-term transition period in terms of the complexity of the epidemic — and to ensure that this type of opportunity has already been eradicated.

Rick Bright, a former US government official at the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, said: “This is what we heard after the 2003 SARS outbreak, following the 2009 flu epidemic, after the 2014 Ebola and 2016 MERS and Ebola outbreaks. ” (BARDA), inside resignation from the state government to criticize the Trump administration’s handling of Covid. “We talk about the same thing – what do we learn? Do we win another time? —And we still meet. ”

In March, Bright he sat down Vice-President for the Presidential Prevention and Combating of the Plague at the Rockefeller Foundation, where he is tasked with forming a “spread prevention agency” as part of $ 1 billion in revenue the resumption of Covid. Bright’s organization is one of a number of experimental trials to create something new from Covid: a reading center that will be re-evaluated in the national and development repositories for global events.

But another big ticket trial seems to be the first to write checks. Next month the The Challenges of the Trinity, a competition held at the University of Cambridge in the UK, will present its first prizes on new applications of public and private information: a grand prize of $ 2 million, and a top prize of $ 1 million each. (Approximately $ 2,777,000 and $ 1,398,000, respectively.) The teams have been asked to achieve one or more goals: to quickly identify new epidemics; implementing cost-effective, interactive measures to reduce spread and spread; or addressing the impact of the epidemic on poor countries and the most vulnerable groups, making health care more stable.

The challenge is to make Sally Davies, a doctor and former chief of staff in the United Kingdom, the dean (or head) of Trinity College at the end of 2019. “What we’ve been missing is not just health – the numbers are viral and hospitalized and well – but morally , finances, more, “says Davies.” All of this will affect how we make decisions, how we interpret our response, and how we can get help. However this may not be available to governments and health agencies. It’s the big modern companies that handle it. So how do we do this? I thought: partnerships — including students, people who are able to ask questions diligently, and people who are knowledgeable and have advanced engineers — to help the public challenge of asking people to come up with their own answers. ”

To do so, he received support and expertise from major technology companies including Facebook, Google and Tencent – along with TV companies, drug companies, and research universities. Participants help raise £ 10 million and provide expertise for their teams to small groups that apply. It’s a quick move: The first shipment opened in February and closed in April. The notes, which are in public, Incorporate state-of-the-art technology, algorithms that control media processes to express human emotions, species that control the number of needles around the world, and draw segmentation patterns in rural areas of women who sell drugs.

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