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It’s time to dump her and move on


You have been fired. About half of American workers are said to have lost their jobs for bad reason or for no reason at all: they can have it complained about ways to leave parents, he devoted himself to an unpopular job or just to wear wrong hair.

All of these are legitimate. Unlike most developed wealth, most jobs in the US are “desirable”. Employers should not give warning before they are fired. Companies are taking full advantage of this change: in the first 10 weeks of the Covid-19 epidemic, more 40m people, about a quarter of US workers, were released.

Now New York City is trying to reverse this trend. Starting this week, retail companies with at least 30 retailers across the country are set to show that they have “just because”, Which are defined as operational or systemic reasons, for the dismissal of employees.

“It’s fair,” says Brad Lander, the city ​​councilor behind New York law. “Don’t you want your child to know their responsibilities and have the opportunity to say something instead of just being fired for no reason?”

This does not cut the mustard and food groups. Restaurants paid for by the industry has been charged to repeal the law. Chief Minister Angelo Amador opposes these laws in defiance of federal principles in the 1935 National Labor Relations Act. “Why do you have a criminal law if you want to enforce this law?” He asks. “It could impose a number of rules.”

Business groups argue that the flexibility of the US system gives companies the confidence to quickly increase staffing. Over time, it is said, they run the economy faster than in Europe or Japan, where it is difficult to reduce or eliminate employment for the poor.

Business groups argue that workers who want more security can integrate. Staff at the New Yorker he said last year. However, antitrust efforts by many companies have helped reduce the number of members in the alliance from over 20% of the 1980’s to the present. 10.8% last year. Amazon soon he fought a battle the most advanced housing project in Alabama.

In the meantime, the United States Supreme Court does not automatically rule on the welfare of workers. Decision 2018 it made it harder for workers to gather together to file labor claims, by a court last month struck California law requires employers to allow organizers to have access to agricultural employment in the workplace.

But fast-selling chains are wrong in the war in New York. Retirement can attract and retain employees, and a 2012 survey Finding a limit to the amount of work you want to do can develop skills and innovation.

Moving just to trigger a shot can also reduce labor disputes in companies that own them persecution and discrimination. McDonalds alone escapes several class cases referring to torture and cruelty.

Employees who are not at risk of being fired briefly may feel the power to summon bad managers. And employers have a better chance of firing on the job market, thus reducing their chances of being elected.

Progressives are not waiting for businesses to see the light. Although President Joe Biden’s laws have not been enacted in the Senate, democratically elected states and cities have been pushing for lower wages and workers’ safety.

Illinois is considering legislation, and approximately 2m workers worldwide are covered by “working week” laws that require employers to notify their employees in advance. In April, New York City He snatched Chipotle’s quick chain claiming to have violated the law.

Workers hope that the law will benefit all local workers and encourage cases to take place nationwide. “It provides an opportunity to confirm ideas: when there is a ‘celestial fall’ from businesses, it helps if these rules have been in place,” says Terri Gerstein, a senior Harvard partner.

New York will begin implementing the law in September once it is repealed. In 2000, an appeals court ruled that the Virgin Islands of the United States Just start a rule it was not against state law. But the ruling did not apply to the whole country, so the New York case could have other consequences.

The time spent by fellow employers I am struggling to get the job done, a smart company can create a wide range of functionality. Amazon started offering as little as $ 15 even though the federal standard is only half. Now the competitors are it must be the same to attract employees. The rules of good shooting are the cheapest to follow. There is a lesson in that.

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