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It’s still fine without a lot of new stuff

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When it comes to prominence, it may sound like a warm compliment to say, “It’s very similar to the last color – but the last color was good!” But the same is true of newcomers Roku Streaming Stick 4K and his older brother, and Roku Streaming Stick 4K +. While it may not be enough for new features to make an impressive upgrade from Streaming Stick Plus or Roku Ultra, for example, both of these rods still work on a solid OS, have a great design and excellent output. content. If it does not break, do not repair it, okay?

Would this alone be enough to lure you $ 50 on Streaming Stick 4K if you already have Roku’s Express 4K Plus, which offers the same tools for less than $ 10? Probably not. But if you are in the compact market, you can do well which now includes additional support for Dolby Vision, Roku Streaming Stick 4K and 4K + with excellent options.

Perhaps the most troubling thing for me personally is that right now, Roku is reaching out to more people with its promotional offers, especially in terms of names. The current line-up includes Express, Express 4K Plus, Stick Stick 4K, Streaming Stick 4K Plus, Ultra, Streambar and Streambar Pro – compatible streaming tools that are very similar in terms of their capabilities. By the time you can highlight the (slight) difference between your choices, you will realize, as I did, that you can’t go wrong with any of them – which would not be compelling why 4K and 4K + are worth a bit more.

A Winning Formula

The Streaming Stick 4K offers a few updates to its best-selling, most affordable version, Streaming Stick Plus (still $ 35 on the Roku page). The new device is fast and offers wifi functionality, but the changes are hard to read (more on that below). Interestingly, the design of both rods is similar, except for the black-and-white finish, but it doesn’t seem to matter either: Like Integration, the 4K Stick runs smoothly into the HDMI port on your back. TV, so it’s not like there was a need for that redesign.

To do this, all Stick Sticks come with a USB cable with a remote wifi receiver (the 4K + bundle also comes with a USB remote control cable). There’s also an electronic adapter included if you can’t connect the connecting rod directly to the USB port on the TV alone, but the TCL set I like to review the Roku rods was no problem.

But basically the main reason for the switch is to add support for Dolby Vision and HDR10 Plus. Dolby Vision recordings are now plentiful on a variety of promotional platforms, including Disney + and Netflix, and Roku supports it. It’s very beautiful.

Roku Streaming Stick 4K vs. Roku Streaming Stick 4k + pa

If you want to spend an extra $ 20, you can opt for Roku Streaming Stick 4K +, which comes with Roku Voice Remote Pro. The Pro looks similar to other Roku connectors, with the exception of minor modifications. The secret audio headset has been added to its side, and Voice Remote Pro also releases AAs of a rebuilt battery, which can be re-enabled via the microUSB port under the remote purple tag.

A small USB port puts Roku Voice Remote Pro aside.

A small USB port puts Roku Voice Remote Pro aside.
Picture: Brianna Provenzano / Gizmodo

Remote terms are a legitimate concern here, and if you are considering whether to spend extra money on 4K + is appropriate or not, let me just say that what is included for remote access is worth a legitimate price on its own. . “Hey Roku, find the remote” makes the sound easy to help you follow, which is actually acceptable for digging in the third cushion without any chance. For those who are obsessed with the idea of ​​having a hearing aid all the time in their homes, Roku has added a switch to the far left to turn off the microphone. In this way, the remote connector can still carry the rules if you press and hold the microphone button, it will no longer be “hands-free”.

The obvious thing that some users may have with 4K and 4K + is that the voice assistant may not be holding a candle to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. The power of the Roku voice remains intact; turning up and down volume, turning on and off the TV and searching for content with a brand name or name is not a problem; ask for anything difficult, such as when the Knicks are playing, and you miss the opportunity.

Sleek, Intuitive Software

People love the familiar feel of Roku’s home grid app, and Roku knows this. As a result, they tend to be less flexible in the programming department, leaving the same home screen users who know and appreciate the unaffected.

There is a new “Featured Free” feature that allows users to view their free options, but this is the only way for Roku to promote content. While it is true that Roku Channel aided by advertising has a lot of free movies and videos, it is a good reminder that Roku is, at its core, ad factory, and many advertisements mean that most metrics are tracked and returned to Roku. It ‘s not surprising, but it is the kind of connection you accept when you look at what Roku has: great displays, easy-to-use apps, and ads. It is what it is.

The Streaming Stick 4K and 4K + both run on the latest Roku’s OS 10.5, which adds a number of smart features such as voice dialing (around a computer-generated keyboard with a maximum length of what looks like 15 minutes is always pauses) and Troubleshooting AV unconnected. While competitors like Amazon’s FireTV Stick 4K Max jumped to Wi-Fi 6 recently, Roku is still using Wi-Fi 5 — and, heavy times have never been a problem, so it just doesn’t stop.

Acting Quickly, I think

I’ll be honest: If the Streaming Stick 4K fills up faster than the ones that led it recently, I’m lost, but that’s because there was no problem with the heavy time at the start.

Background to Voice Remote Pro, which has a microphone off button for listening.

Background to Voice Remote Pro, which has a microphone off button for listening.
Picture: Brianna Provenzano / Gizmodo

A recent group of sticks also boasts very powerful quad-core processors, which are said to produce 30% faster starting time, but, again … All the streams started without a problem, leaving me hanging for a few seconds.

Do You Need to Upgrade?

All that being said, Roku’s latest staff is a solid choice, and no one can leave customers feeling sorry for their customers. With its many streamers, the real choice that every Roku customer faces is based on minutiae: Do you prefer a stick that can hide in your HDMI port, or are you comfortable with something smaller, like the Express 4K Plus? Wherever you go, the length and the duration is that you can have a controller, easy to use at the end of the day. If it were me, I would save my money and just go with the cheapest option available, but your distance may vary.

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