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Italy has paid Google $ 123 million for shutting down the EV app from Android Auto

Google’s ecosytem changes have made it possible for it to continue to grow Ma TV and even automotive infotainment. But, at the same time, the open source program has raised questions for regulators to take care of the technical expertise that transcends multiple markets. Now, the authorities are trying to dominate in some of this power. The Italian competition manager has them ordered Google will pay more than $ 100 million ($ 123 million) for misusing its top position. The administrator said Google had shut down the automotive electronics application for more than two years.

The company’s main subsidiary is Enel X – the smaller Italian power provider Enel – which through its JuicePass program gives EV drivers the opportunity to charge about 95,000 locations in Europe. The administrator said that by banning the app for more than two years Google was favoring Google Maps, which also helps users find nearby EV locations. Along with the fine, the administrator told Google that the JuicePass app will be available on Android Auto.

By expressing the concerns of a INE and His UK counterparts, Italian officials have described Google’s security services to the digital economy. The administrator said the Android OS and Google Play store have given the company a “significant responsibility” that allows it to “improve access for developers to eliminate users.” In the case of Enel X, the guard said that apart from the JuicePass app Google has put its business model at risk and could jeopardize the power supply.

“As a result, potential harm may be due to the integration of electric vehicles, the use of” clean “energy and the shift in environmental mobility,” the supervisor said.

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