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It is possible to drill a cheap cable into Apple’s Apple Tasks


Fanizo la nkhani yotchedwa & # 39;Figure: Caitlin McGarry / Gizmodo

One of the first things that jumped at me when I saw it AirTags that have been waiting for a long time it was their shape, which reminded me of a giant, polished one M & M. Like real M&s, AirTags have no holes, which means you have to buy them AirTag accessories to use your machine or put it in your wallet. However, even though Apple has not included the essential hole in AirTags, you can make your own without compromising too much.

Below the AirTag teardown published Saturday, the people in iFixit decided to test whether it would be possible to drill a hole around the device, good job for those who don’t want to pay extra for extra items and are willing to take the risk of ruining the item. If this sounds like you, you need to drill 1/16 ”, according to iFixit.

Before using your drill, the first thing you need to do is perform and remove the battery. The secret lies in finding and piercing one of these three notches, which you can clearly see beyond iFixit, in the AirTag board and antenna shield. The output is made up of clips that support the same AirTag. (Remember, even though AirTag batteries can last up to a year without charging, they can be replaced instead of pulling on the back of the device).

FixiT he also states that the location of the “almost” notches is similar to that made on metal vessels, which means that it can be a guide. Now, you want to drill a notch, not through the clip itself. But if you get the chance, doing so is definitely not killing your AirTag.

If you do well (and we hope you are well, because who wants to lose money), Fixit says AirTag should work “if nothing happened.” The speaker of the device, which is used to issue chimes to help you find it if you lose it or to let others know that there is a lost AirTag nearby, was not affected.

There is a price to pay for saving less money, though. FixiWe’ve said that if you drill your AirTag, don’t expect it to be waterproof and dust-resistant. In the meantime, MacRumors suggests that this will no doubt break Apple’s credibility.

Ultimately, those looking for your drill have a choice to make. Is it necessary to risk it if there are other weapons $ 12.95 or less? Waterless things also worry me, especially since I have to open my door in the rain. Alas, it is a decision that each of us must make. Let the opportunity be your part.


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