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Israeli security chief meets with Palestinian leader to defeat Hamas

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have agreed a number of measures aimed at helping the Palestinian Authority fight its Islamic enemy Hamas, following a nightly talks between Israel.

On his first trip to Israel in less than a decade, Abbas, 86, met Gantz at the home of the Minister of Defense on Tuesday night. The talks took place amid the financial crisis in the Palestinian Authority, which has an autonomous border base in the West Bank that has been seized.

“We discussed the establishment of economic and civilian policies, emphasizing the need to strengthen security ties and prevent terrorists and violence – so that the lives of Israel and Palestine can be maintained,” Gantz wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night.

Abbas did not make a formal statement after the meeting, but Hussein Al-Sheikh, Palestinian leader, said the talks included “the need for political intervention” to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel has been alarmed by the growing popularity of the Hamas terrorist group in the West Bank after an 11-day war in May, in which hundreds were killed by Israeli terrorists in Gaza, Hamas fired 13 stones that killed 13 Israel and major protests. the Israeli invasion crossed the West Bank and towns in Israel.

Hamas declared victory after a cease-fire that eased some Israeli-Egyptian sanctions on Gaza, and Hamas-affiliated politicians later won several elections in the West Bank.

Both the US and Israel favor the country’s Fatah, led by Abbas, as an ally of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which seeks to establish a Palestinian state almost immediately after the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Hamas seized the Gaza Strip from Fatah in 2007 after being denied the opportunity to take office despite winning several elections last year. Since then, it has fought four wars with Israel and fought against Fatah to gain a foothold in the PLO and other Palestinian legal institutions.

After talks with Abbas-Gantz, Israel agreed to a number of measures to help Abbas, who is the most unpopular. Palestinian youth, to maintain the support of wealthy Palestinian families and to reduce the oppression of the poor Palestinians.

Israel will issue 1,100 new licenses, including 600 so-called Business Man Cards, commended by Palestinian officials, to make it easier for them to pass through the West Bank in their vehicles. More VIP permits will be issued to Abbas allies.

Currently, 6,000 people living in the West Bank – some of them refugees, or descendants of refugees, from the 1948 and 1967 wars – can be added to the census, and about 3,500 in Gaza will receive residency permits, which allows them to do so. information. easily obtain valid travel or work permits in Israel.

Israel, which collects foreign taxes on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, will raise about Shk100m ($ 32m) to help resolve the financial crisis in the PA, which has a deficit of more than $ 1bn, larger due to the closure of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Tuesday night’s talks were strongly opposed by Hamas and Israeli freedom fighters. Hamas called them “abominations” and insulted the “spirit of Palestine” in a televised address. Israeli artillery fired at Hamas base in Gaza Wednesday afternoon after an Israeli civilian was injured and fired from the Strip.

Israeli right-wing leaders portrayed Gantz as weak. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett “The Israeli-Palestinian government” was retaliating against Abbas for “negotiations”, the Likud party, led by removed the Prime Minister five times Benjamin Netanyahu, said on Twitter. “The dangerous tolerance that could threaten Israel’s security is a matter of timing.”

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