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Israeli opposition leaders have agreed to a deal to oust Netanyahu

Israeli opposition leaders have agreed to form a government that would overthrow 12-year-old Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of the Jewish state.

The program of agreement, which transcends political parties – from the far left-wing Meretz party to the ultranationalist Yamina, tied to centrists Yesh Atid – reached an agreement Wednesday after days of urgent negotiations.

The so-called reformist government will be backed by Ra’am, an Islamic party that operates as a blast after four four-year elections did not produce a clear result. It is only the second time in the history of Israel that the Arab party has taken part in the Zionist regime, and the first person to join the alliance.

The various groups share one common goal: the removal of Netanyahu, the longest-serving PM in Israel, is currently facing charges of corruption, in office. Netanyahu denies all charges.

“This government will work for the good of all the people of Israel, including those who are not members of it, will respect those who oppose it, and will do everything possible to unite all regions of Israel,” Yair Lapid, a leader of Yesh Atid, wrote to the President.

Legislators have now voted for the government in about ten days. Analysts warn that the coalition, which has 61 seats in 120 seats, could fail to get enough votes. If they fail, Israel will face a fifth election in the next two years.

After that, Naftali Bennett, a millionaire who is more accurate than Netanyahu and manages only six seats out of 120 Knesset members, is expected to become the next Prime Minister.

Bennett, 49, was a former Netanyahu leader who served as his chief and then defense minister. He opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state and has previously opposed Netanyahu coming hard on Hamas, the army that controls the Gaza Strip.

He also urged Israel to occupy the West Bank and to encourage the growing Jewish community, which many people around the world consider illegal.

Two years later, he stepped down, and Lapid, a television presenter in charge of middle-aged Yesh Atid, was stepped down as prime minister.

Negotiations came as Bennett’s party, Yamina, insisted on overseeing a panel of judges. His political ally, Ayelet Shaked, has vowed to continue his “Legal Revolution”, a plan to reduce the power of the Supreme Court, and has turned down a committee of inquiry by Labor leader Merav Michaeli.

Ra’am’s aid relies solely on rural benefits for a small number of Muslims, including large sums of money for the police, hospital and other development facilities. Israeli media reports say Ra’am leader Mansour Abbas has called for a change in the law that gives him time to jail for violating the permit.

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