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Israel is facing current questions and attacks on Arab citizens


The growth of Public violence between the Arabs and the Jews in several cities in Israel came as a great surprise to many Israelites.

Arab militants set fire to one synagogue, and another is said to have been burned at the stake House. Jewish terrorists and occupants passed by Haifa and Tiberias chanting “death to the Arabs”.

As Israeli troops sell airspace and rocket-propelled rockets fired by the Hamas Islamist group in Gaza, Israeli statesman Benjamin Netanyahu he called for “power, great power“To end the conflict and close the second front.

What paved the way for the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Arab East Jerusalem?

Fiery riots intensified as Israeli leftists choose the Islamic holy month of Ramadan to escalate anger instead. East Jerusalem trying to get rid of Palestinian families. He also promoted the site of the Noble Sanctuary or Haram ash-Sharif, home to the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock, as well as the sacred Western Wall to the Jews. Violent Israeli police have carried out three terrorist attacks on mosques and premises, and have brought Israeli civilians to the streets.

There has been no such crisis among Arab Israelis since October 2000. This was followed by Ariel Sharon, the last prime minister and guest of honor, marching under al-Aqsa to Temple Mount, launching a second “al-Aqsa” intifada. This time Itamar Ben-Gvir, the leader of the Jewish National Power Party and Netanyahu’s colleague, wrote: “It is time to release the Temple Mount and Jerusalem, and show those who own the house once”.

The disagreement with Hamas, which started the war in 2009, 2012 and 2014, speaks to a well-known Israeli-Palestinian terrorist textbook. But the invasion of Israeli Arab civilians 1.9m opens up wounds that add to the dangerous role of Netanyahu and his allies.

Netanyahu himself struck out a series of scandals that sparked the blaze, and he fired international diplomats to help him stay strong in power. In a fraudulent trial since last May, he has openly defended religious freedom and brutality, promising to seize the Jewish state.

Most recently, he used the media in the 2015 elections to preach where “Arabs” were “voting more”. He was referring to the fact that the Palestinian citizens of Israel, although the fifth most populous nation in the world, were the fifth most authoritarian writer in the Jewish nation.

Netanyahu pursued this in July 2018 by taking a so-called state laws through the Knesset, proclaiming that only the Jews have the right to independence in Israel. Ayman Odeh, leader of the Arab League, said at the time Israel was “he issued a decree that the Jews were superior and he told us that we would always be second citizens “.

The law, and Netanyahu’s opportunity to welcome rival Arab groups such as Ben-Gvir, encouraged many Arab citizens to fight equal rights and the Jews of Israel. Palestinians living in the country and the lack of a sense of independence are reaching the same principles.

While the Arabs of Israel enjoy the freedom that their neighbors are oppressed by the Arab monarchs, it is not just a dream, but a second time. Israel oppresses its third Palestinian brothers in their homelands, seizes them in excess, and raises Jewish cities.

The program of The Association for Civil Rights in Israel says so“There are significant economic differences between Jews and Arabs, especially in terms of land, urban planning, housing, construction, economic development and education.”

The Arabs of Israel were also shaken by ideas were set to former US President Donald Trump “About a hundred years“That about 350,000 of them could be transferred to the Palestinian Authority as part of the exchange – to deprive them of Israeli citizenship.

In the 73 years since the birth of the state no Israeli government has joined the Arab party. The very Arab governments “Stable” relationship and Israel in what appears to be a a new form of circuit perhaps he feels it is time for the leaders of Israel to begin normalizing at home.


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