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Israel is delaying the eviction of East Jerusalem because of warnings of rising violence


Israel has given in to pressure from other countries and delayed the expulsion of several Palestinian families from their East Jerusalem families, as security forces warned that their deportation could lead to more violence in the Holy City for years.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit on Sunday called for the suspension of the Supreme Court scheduled for Monday which appears to want to deal with more Palestinian families living in the Sheikh Jarrah area to end Israeli settlements.

Over the weekend, Israeli police beat hundreds of unarmed Palestinians and threw grenades into groups – one of which fell into the prayer room of the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem – in an attempt to stop protests that drew tens of thousands of Arabs.

Palestinians pelted stones at police, set fire to and demolished barricades, while police fired on horsemen and used rubber bullets and water cannons at night. Thirteen police officers are injured, Israel said. More than 300 Palestinians need medical attention, Palestinian doctors say.

The Gulf and Arab states have criticized Israeli security forces, while US and EU agencies have expressed concern. The outrage was sparked by images of police officers using violence inside the mosque, revered by Muslims like Haram al-Sharif, and Jews as the Temple Mount.

“What the Israeli police and special forces are doing, from breaking into a mosque to attacking worshipers, is a cruel thing,” the Jordanian government, which oversees the mosque, said on Sunday. Turkey called the actions “terrorist”.

The US called on the Israeli government to “go to the people living in Sheikh Jarrah with compassion and respect,” to prevent evictions, destruction of homes and settlements.

The eviction stems from a lengthy trial over a land dispute in a small Arab area. The Jewish religion officially purchased the property during the Ottoman Era in the 1870’s, which was shot by the Jordanian government after ruling East Jerusalem in the 1948 war.

Palestinian families facing deportation relocated – and legally, according to the Jordanian government – into a house before Israel took over East Jerusalem in 1967. Although Israeli law allows citizens to repatriate lost property in Jerusalem to the Arabs in the 1948 war, it does not allow people to relocate. Palestinians do the same.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters that the link between Israel and Jerusalem was strengthening the city.

“We resolutely refuse to be forced to rebuild Jerusalem. Unfortunately, these problems have been exacerbated too late, “he said before the cabinet meeting.” Just as everyone builds its capital and its capital, so we have the right to build Jerusalem and Jerusalem. “

Not to mention the United States, in which top Democrat lawmakers and presidential advisers Joe Biden called on Israel to exercise restraint, he added: “I say to our close friends: Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

Israeli media have also reported that the attorney general wrote a cover-up letter requesting his reinstatement, based on security concerns that deportation could lead to violence.

The establishment of the Supreme Court gives Israel time to try to end the anger among Palestinians who were outraged by what Israeli police did in ancient Jerusalem during the holy month of Ramadan. These included restrictions on the old Damascus gate leading to the Muslim region.

On Saturday, thousands of Israeli Arabs were forced to march on Jerusalem after police stopped baskets of Islamic worshipers on a highway, saying they were looking for rioters. While another 90,000 worshipers were able to attend Saturday prayers at al-Aqsa, this was a small amount compared to the usual.

Jerusalem is set to launch an all-out violence on Monday in Jerusalem, as Israel commemorates the capture of the Holy City, West Bank and Gaza in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Although there is peace throughout the country, it is an annual visible spot between Arabs and the rightful Jewish citizens, who march through East Jerusalem under police direction and enter Islam from the old city to the Western Wall. Police are considering whether to reduce the trip, local media say.


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