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Iran’s election: By numbers | Election Issues


We see some of the numbers that describe the upcoming elections in Iran:

• More than 59 million votes in Iran, a country with a population of over 80 million

• Seven Iranian presidential candidates protect 592 registered voters, while three resign

• There are zero women in the 40 who have registered to accept leadership

• Four years of Iran’s elected president

• Two words in a row is the limit that the President of Iran can hold

• 42% of the votes cast by the accredited Iranian Student Polling Agency, which may be lower in the absence of voter turnout and coronavirus epidemic

• 73% of those who represented in Iran’s last general election in 2017

• More than 50% of the total number of votes a candidate must win to avoid an election – and only once in 2005 since Islam 1979

• Six seats to be filled by voters at Iran’s Experts’ Conference, electing the country’s top leader

• Six seats will be filled by voters in Iran’s parliament

• About 200,000 seats in town and local councils in the country will also be elected by voters


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