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Iran bans flights with India and Pakistan on COVID | Coronavirus News Plague


With the increase in COVID-19 cases across the country, Iran has suspended travel with Pakistan and India seriously injured.

Tunduma, Iran – Hourly table All flights to India and Pakistan have been suspended as Iran continues to tackle the fourth COVID-19 epidemic.

The idea of ​​stopping the travelers was suggested by the Ministry of Health which urged them to relocate because it said the effects of the coronavirus found in India could be at greater risk than those initially found in the United Kingdom, which is now large in Iran.

“We are now facing a new threat to the Indian virus, which is worse than in England, Brazil and South Africa,” President Hassan Rouhani warned on Saturday.

“If the virus re-emerges in this country we will face a major crisis,” he told the anti-coronavirus television group.

Rouhani says the rising number of cases, hospital admissions, and deaths shows that Iran’s 32 states have a “problem” as only a handful of people think they have reached the peak of the fourth wave.

Iran’s health ministry said on Saturday that 374 people had died in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll in the Middle East to 69,000. Iran has registered about 2.3 million cases since February 2020.

The country has had the worst daily cases of 25,492 last week, the highest since the peak of the third wave in November.

The capital city of Tehran is the worst affected by the epidemic and often sees one third of the population dying every day.

Behesht-e Zahra, the country’s largest cemetery, last week saw 350 people dying daily from COVID and non-COVID, the highest number in the last 50 years.

Iran has enacted a number of laws, including a temporary ban and regional restrictions on so-called “red” or “orange” cities on measures to show the severity of the epidemic two weeks ago that escalated to Friday.

No sanctions or additions were introduced on Saturday as the country’s economy continues to struggle due to epidemics and violence in the United States.

The vaccine continues to decline

Rouhani on Saturday said the vaccination of the 82 million Iranian people was a major step forward for his emerging government.

But so far only 2 million vaccines from Russia, China, India, Cuba, and the global COVAX project have been imported, with more than half a million people receiving one jab.

Iran said earlier this month it had agreed with Russia to receive 60 million doses of its Sputnik V vaccine by the end of 2021, and said 16.8 million doses would be announced through COVAX in the coming months.

This is where the three most anticipated national vaccines belong to various humanitarian trials, and one is set to begin on Sunday, the third phase which will see 10,000 people receiving the vaccine.

Iran and Cuba are also working on a combined vaccine for months expected to begin its third phase of testing in Iran in the future.


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