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iOS 14.5 Prevents You From Advertising In The Face-Do the same


These new pop-ups can contain a brief message about why a developer wants users to be able to monitor, especially how it can be profitable. And popups will not look like a developer following you on his or her stuff, as Facebook is following you from its main platform via Messenger and Instagram. You probably think that platforms with the same parent company can (or should not be) he can– data sharing; The biggest problem Apple wants to solve is to follow services that you would not think have any relationship.

When you see that Facebook is coming out frequently in examples of Apple’s impact on monitoring, that’s why the company has been speaking out, and aggressively, in criticism. Facebook chief financial officer Dave Wehner has cited secrecy surrounding the IDFA as a concern for many companies that have been making money since the end of 2019. And in December, Facebook released all newspaper ads with the line, “We represent Apple small businesses everywhere.” A Facebook campaign affiliate says, “Apple’s recent app threatens advertising which millions of small businesses rely on to reach and reach customers.”

Facebook also disputes Apple’s claim that this type of data sharing should indeed be called a “follow-up” at all. Facebook means such as “what Apple defines ‘following’ in its patents for manufacturers and businesses.

Apple CEO Tim Cook responded in December, tweeting, “We hope that users should have the opportunity to choose what they download and how they use it. Facebook can continue to track users of apps and websites as before. App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14 just needs to ask for your permission first.”

It was announced in June 2020, Apple made the first move for developers to support ATT launch of iOS 14 in September 2020. The company went on to launch another update to iOS 14, its app “secret documents, ”In December 2020. But in the midst of a corporate crisis, the company it’s too late ATT’s goal is to “give developers time to make the necessary changes.”

“This has been very important. I wish it were soon, ”said Will Strafach, a longtime iOS security researcher and developer of the Guardian Firewall app. “However it is a very good part to increase the awareness of English users clearly in terms of what the programs are doing.”

While the update tracking for iOS 14.5 is important, it doesn’t just go beyond the standard field that is iOS. Kint compares the process of squeezing one part of a water balloon: The water simply flows to the other side. Platforms such as Android and the internet on most browsers allow you to follow, and advertisers can look great there. But Apple’s move with ATT could bring about significant changes.

In the meantime, just download iOS 14.5 if you have an iPhone, and be prepared to start tapping “Ask App to Track” each time you see it. Especially in places you haven’t seen coming.

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