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Investors around the world find the strength to drive Chinese debtors to land


Foreign investors in Chinese banking institutions could be given the upper hand in deciding on the upper echelons of the economy by forming an alliance with Hong Kong that seeks to strengthen business confidence in international law.

The machines will force courts in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen to recognize illegal laws enforced by credit card companies in Hong Kong, a Chinese corporation earning money from investors around the world. It means that investors can easily search for Chinese businesses in the upper reaches to earn their money. The plot could be extended to more Chinese cities in the future.

The initiative, launched this month, comes as foreign investors increase their interest in China. The country is immediately affected by a the amount of errors and corporate restructuring. The Chinese court, under the auspices of the Communist Party, has not yet commented on the election in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

“This is probably what could change the game,” said Patrick Cowley, head of Asia’s development projects at KPMG.

Lack of cooperation was a major problem for investors. Court in Hong Kong he refuses A request from investors to liquidate the Huiyuan Juice Group, one of China’s largest water producers, in November failed to comply. The court held that the Hong Kong nominees may not be recognized in China.

This left the creditors with no options, lawyers said.

While Hong Kong’s role as the world’s economic center lies being stressed With Beijing enacting a security law last year, the city’s trade structure is still looking good.

The agreement “has brought corporate wealth to the forefront where contractors outside China cannot afford it”, said a former Hong Kong-based lawyer.

The technology also means that Hong Kong courts will recognize cases that have not been received by the government.

“Once the lender has selected the financiers to another company in Hong Kong, the agent can register Chinese courts to have equal financial rights for the group on the surface,” said Kevin Song, a Beijing rehabilitation specialist in Beijing.

However, the plot has not been tested and does not guarantee that all services made through it will be delivered. Lawyers said China still needed to show that international debtors could return their assets to non-financial institutions, and warned that some might try to claim to be outside the treaty.

Courts in Mainland may also refuse to assist Hong Kong investors if they feel that it could “offend people or behave in a certain way” or if “creditors are being treated unfairly,” according to a ruling by the Supreme People’s Court, China’s Supreme Court.

“What we need now is to file lawsuits in Shenzhen, Shanghai or Xiamen. . . to be role models and to show that they are doing well, ”said Cowley of KPMG.

A forensic expert in China has warned that government officials will reconsider the plot if it poses a financial crisis.

“There will be concerns about possible consequences such as repaying loans to Chinese companies while foreign lenders are looking to control assets such as factories or storage facilities that are used by many people,” the expert said. “This could hurt the economy of the area.”

However, lawyers believe the deal will make Hong Kong’s reputation a lucrative platform for Chinese companies.

“So far they have made money and it is a little gambling,” said Davyd Wong, a business expert at law firm YTL. “When [Chinese companies] sell shares or bonds in Hong Kong. . . the security offered on the loan promises to have wealth on the surface. ”


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