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Instagram Reels now has ads

Instagram is bringing ads to its TikTok group, Reels, later testing them to users in a few countries such as India, Germany and Australia. Similar to what was shared in the Articles, this will also be a visual, promotional window for all visible between Reels and can last up to 30 seconds. Although, many brands like to choose if you hit the button and buy something. Instagram says you will find ads everywhere you can find Reels, including on the Reels tab, in the News, in Search and in your feed.


At its inception, Reels naturally compares TikTok, a recent short video program given a ban imposed by Trump in the US. In short, the interface gives you the opportunity to capture and edit 30-second dining videos with audio and effects. For more information, Instagram moved Reels from the Explore tab to their volunteer window section in November as the repair part which also launched the Shop tab.

Unfortunately, digital advertising is a major source of revenue for Facebook, so it is not surprising to see it advertising in many places. Earlier this year, it began to experiment stickers in an article on his major platform and also downloaded ads on Instagram See food.

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