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Instagram is starting to test the registrations of the creators

manufacturers are finding another way to make money from the platform: subscriptions. Only a handful of powerful people in the US have the opportunity to use this as an Instagram .

In the beginning, they will be able to place livestreams and stories behind the paywall. The articles, which can only be stored for subscribers, have a purple ring to display, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said.

As it is with YouTube, subscribers will receive a purple badge next to their username. Manufacturers can see the badge in comments, messages and anywhere else. That way, they can be more committed to the subscribers, if they want to.

More subscriptions can be added later. Mosseri also said his team is working on ways to get developers to post subscribers and “remove them from Instagram to other apps and websites created by other companies.”

Manufacturers can set a monthly value of their choice and followers can sign up via their profile button. Instagram is planning to expand the test for more manufacturers in the coming months with parent company Meta it does not take the money that manufacturers make until 2023.

“This will enable producers to make more money by providing the best for their at-risk followers such as access to Life and News,” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of parent company Instagram Meta. “I’m excited to continue making tools for manufacturers to earn money by doing creative work and putting these tools in the hands of more creators soon.”

Facebook has added subscriptions in 2019. It seemed inevitable that, given the popularity of the platform and the number of startups, the opportunity would come back to Instagram. Moseri kale Developers may be one of the biggest Instagram followers this year, and subscriptions are really helpful. It follows Instagram to achieve some real-time marketing and revenue-generating goals.

Last summer, Zuckerberg investing $ 1 billion in producers by the end of 2022. With many promoters finding more audiences on other platforms (many of them investing heavily in manufacturers), the company but trying and dragging them to Facebook and Instagram is a promise of pay.

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