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Indian police are searching Twitter offices after a tweet


Police in India have surveyed the Twitter company’s office, with its supervisors recording a tweet from the ruling party’s ruling party that it could be misleading.

Television footage from radio ANI showed a group of anti-terrorism police in Delhi who conducted an investigation Tuesday after receiving tweet complaints.

“Police in Delhi are investigating the alleged inquiries from Twitter,” police said in a words is provided by local radio station NDTV.

On May 18, Sambit Patra, Bharatiya Janata’s international spokesman, tweeted a “toolkit”, or shortlist, allegedly used by the opposition Indian National Congress party to insult Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government for their support of the government. coronavirus epidemic.

Congress said the law was false and Twitter called the tweet “disruptive media” on Thursday.

The government then asks Twitter to remove the sign. On Friday, police asked India’s top general manager, Manish Maheshwari, to identify himself as one of the “first questions about the book” and to bring “all the necessary documents”.

On the same day, the IT ministry in India issued a proposal to correct TV companies to protect the media by removing “all that describes, interprets, or means” Indian species “of coronavirus on your platform immediately”. So far, Twitter does not appear to have removed this.

A Twitter spokesman in India declined to comment on the investigation.

A media survey followed a dispute between the Indian government and Twitter earlier this year over a magical attempt on what most people did to protest.

Twitter refused to suspend accounts that protested the agricultural changes in New Delhi and that led to major protests across the country. In February, India he announced is changing the new social media rules designed to give regulators more power that they would consider unclean.

Officials said the law was designed to make the company “more reliable, more reliable” in India’s laws, but secrecy experts warned that the government was trying to give itself more power and deal with its opponents.

“For India to do this is a huge growth, it is being done to force Twitter and other technology companies,” said Raman Chima, Asia’s director of Access Now, a non-profit digital rights group.

“It would not be unusual in any way for the Delhi special police to be involved in technical matters,” Chima said. “There is no valid reason to visit the police at another company in India.”


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