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In 2021, Tesla’s gains were exacerbated by problems that occur all the time

Late 2021 finds Tesla richer than ever – and, in the case of CEO Elon Musk, richer than anyone else. The automotive manufacturer has documented all the delivery and profit records this year even around the world lack of chips which reduced the number of sales chains around the world, which in turn made the whole automotive industry market more competitive. Yet its economic success is often overshadowed by Tesla continuing to produce a lot of products NHTSA and Price of shares SEC investigation, a major failure of his preferences “Full Self Driving”System, as well as the memory of multiple vehicles and the delay of future races. And with existing professionals like Ford, GM, Honda and the Volkswagen Group striving to deliver their own electricity, could 2022 be the year Tesla rules as the ultimate EV car manufacturer in the end?


The year 2021 was, no doubt, Tesla’s next year. The company entered this year after achieving its 2020 target of making half a million cars (which provided 499,550 to customers), approximately 133,000 increases by 2019. By April, Tesla had made a record of 180,338 vehicles and delivered 184,800 of them. Demand remained strong in the first half of the year thanks, among other things, to lower prices on Model 3 and Model Y.

The company is violated his own reputation in July, having built 200,000 cars in the last three months, earning Tesla $ 1.1 billion in total revenue over the same period. “People’s perceptions of EVs are at an all-time high and, at the moment, I think almost everyone agrees that electric cars are the only way forward,” Musk said during the Q2 budget.

Unsurprisingly, Tesla is breaking history continued continuously through Q3 the company overturned 237,823 vehicles in its production lines – almost all of which were Model 3 and Model Y models – and delivered 241,300 of them. The company also started taking pre-orders a UK Model Y in October and announced it Models Y heading to the Chinese market will be receiving AMD Ryzen upgrade chipsets.

Tesla ended its financial year with announcements from Hertz is planning to import 100,000 vehicles (even then there is still no doubt as to how the deal will work out) and from Uber Eats that it wants to borrow as many as possible Tesla’s 50,000 cars for its drivers.


While Tesla enjoyed immovable sales and its huge list, the company often struggled to meet the deadline to release most of its flagship products. Both Cybertruck and Semi all pushed back in 2022 right Tesla Roadster says it will not arrive until at least 2023. Tesla also took a surprising step in releasing the “Entry-level” Model Y model for several weeks. before leaving the trim level. Similarly, Tesla pushed back the release his $ 130,000 for Model S Plaid edition until June 10, and set it up a few days after Musk announced this Model S Plaid + was eliminated,

The company also faced some challenges in manufacturing and remembering cars this year. In February, Tesla knelt down under pressure from NHTSA and recalled 135,000 Model X and S cars due to display errors. That same month, Tesla was forced to do so provide memory for the other 12,300 Model Xs due to loose-fitting panels. In April, customers said the company owned it double charging their vehicles, up to $ 71,000 sometimes, however Tesla was quick to retaliate against affected customers and also threw away a $ 200 license from the company store.

June remembered again, this time for the 6,000 Model 3 and Ys finish faulty brake caliper bolts, and in October, Tesla had to remember another set of Ys and 3s because their suspension continued to separate. Last month, the company had to pull almost 12,000 cars from its sales line due to software problems – this should not be confused with Recent shutdown of the Tesla App which locks drivers around the world from getting out of their cars.

Tesla’s troubles reverted to self-made lines with the Fremont factory watching as soon as the major COVID epidemics reopened in March. Musk appealed frequently and loudly in 2020 over California privacy laws and eventually threatened to take his toys and go home, legally. relocating Tesla headquarters to Texas in October.

The company was also ordered to pay $ 137 million to former employee Owen Diaz A San Francisco court has found Tesla guilty of unfair discrimination against Diaz while working at the Fremont factory. The case is being re-assigned to another judge, and this was reported in November by Jessica Barraza.common sexual harassment”And to continue to be insulted and beaten while working in Fremont.

Tesla’s Full Self Driving beta also became the company’s hybrid fund in 2021. After launching in October last year, beta 8.3 was released in May, doubling the size of the test program, previously release beta 9 in July. The release of type 9 occurred in conjunction with a a new FSD registration program charge customers $ 199 per month (or $ 99 per month if they have already purchased the Enhanced Autopilot) – assuming they had $ 1,500 FSD computer equipment installed in their car.

However, Tesla’s idea of ​​abandoning radar-based autonomation sensors in favor of the installation of optical-only in May caused the NHTSA to go back to its original position forced the company to remove some of its operational support names such as forward collisions and departure warnings. In order to refute the claim that a using the Autopilot interface may cause drivers to become unresponsive and if they do not respond when driving again, Tesla launched its own automotive lighting cameras at the end of May.

FSD beta 10 reached its peak in September the owners are seeing a smooth transition in the city streets, a clear landscape and a change in the direction of the off-road traffic. That idea did not last long when, in October, the company was forced to do so change its beta configuration 10.3 after noticing “other difficulties,” according to Musk, combining “return” with a left turn. Users also issued phantom warnings for forward-collision with car-fixing bugs.

FSD company errors – affected several damage that Teslas got into the first cars responding anonymously and other ordinary drivers and a Most notable damage in Houston without one behind the wheel – has led to further research from and NHTSA, NTSB, US Senate House, and even California DMV.

The FSD component also created a memory of 300,000 units on the Chinese government’s demand for action. easily how FSD can trigger, although it was far from the only issue Tesla faced with the nation. In April, China banned Tesla vehicles from its military bases as well as “major state-owned companies” for fear that more cameras would drive them. can be used for spying. After about a month of arguing attractions on social media, Tesla finally succumbed to China’s demands on cybersecurity and set up a repository.

The Musk

And what would Tesla’s year of review be without looking at the unique type of shenanigans CEO Elon Musk? Last October, Musk unilaterally terminated the Tesla PR department, thus making his Twitter account the first, last and only one to confirm the company’s decisions. This January, Musk changed the course slightly and, instead of changing the department, began recruiting people to respond to customer complaints submitted to him on the social media page.

As for the tweets, Tesla was also indicted this year for violating an earlier agreement with the SEC by allowing Musk to continue shipping. inappropriate, “wrong” tweets. and if the company fails to find a political adviser to rule in their CEO. The National Labor Relations Board retaliated against Tesla in 2021, finding that the company had abolished the union rights fight. As a result, the NLRB ordered that the employee be re-employed as well as Musk Remove the 2018 tweet to disrupt the contract related to the case.

2021 was also the year that Musk relied heavily on crypto. Tesla bought $ 1.5 billion worth of goods in February and briefly played with the idea of allowing customers to use the money to buy their cars, although the plans were expedited in haste Bitcoin mining environmental information. Musk also took his time Activities for Saturday Night Live in May to destroying the value of Bitcoin fellow Dogecoin, although his later tweets helped The value of Dogecoin shares, to some degree.

Then there was the whole Tesla “Robots”Distractions, which I can’t even, I mean, was just a player in a spandex jumpsuit dancing around while Musk said a lot of nonsense.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead to 2022, Tesla seems to be making progress. Zake Berlin Gigafactory is about to start production and he is expected to do so by the end of this month – overcoming any unexpected obstacles. The company has chipsets and aggressively adjusting load carrying Advanced battery equipment will block Tesla from the many production bottles that many other EV manufacturers have to contend with throughout the year.

However, despite Tesla’s figures that have deteriorated dramatically in the last few years, the amount of cars it offers annually is still a small fraction of what regular car dealerships sell. For example, BMW sold 2.3 million cars worldwide in 2020. In the same year, GM sold 2.5 million cars in the US. alone. And as these companies turn to the EV market while developing a wealth that Tesla cannot match, Musk will soon find that it has reverted to being a niche EV instead of a company.

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