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In 2021, Apple eliminated past bugs

Apple announced an upgraded MacBook Pro in the past this fall, the common denominator was that the company eventually giving its customers what they asked for. But while the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro upgrade represents Apple’s obvious problem of having (and repairing) bugs in the past, the company has been doing this for the past few years. And by the end of 2021, Apple is about to complete some of its most complex products.

The reviews of the new MacBook Pro are good all over the world (except for the high cost), but it is still worth repeating the dramatic changes that these laptops represent from their predecessors. All of these new growths are thicker and heavier than the ones they are introduced into; for a company that has shown great interest in lightweight and lightweight designs over the past decade, it is extremely challenging. But the larger, 4-pound, 15-inch MacBook Pro often had the problem of staying cool under the heavy load of the processor, a problem that could not be solved without increasing the size and weight of the laptop. It’s as if Apple remembered that it already has a MacBook Air, and that people who buy the Pro are willing to carry some weight to make a successful machine.

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Apple no doubt began to move this side with the mid-term revival a few years ago. In 2019, the company began banning the unreliable and unpleasant butterfly keyboard for a highly flexible scissor. The modified keyboard arrived on the first 16-inch MacBook Pro. Along with the new keyboard, the laptop was one-third of a pound heavier, and larger in every way than the original one.

This was the first sign that Apple was ready to correct some of the wrong choices it had made with the MacBook Pro lineup, which brings us to this recovery. Users still have a laundry list of things they want to change, and Apple offered a lot. The new models also brought a small SD card slot and HDMI port that the company removed in 2016. MagSafe charging port, one of Apple’s smartest devices, came back. Finally, Apple replaced Touch Bar with a fixed line of functional keys.

Obviously, Apple just deserves more praise for repairing self-inflicted wounds. But it looks like the company has a clear vision of what people are throwing (at least) $ 2,000 on the MacBook Pro for real. Aside from fixing past bugs, Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max processors offer significant benefits and better battery life. Add a new display and a better keyboard and MacBook Pro customers have a lot to look forward to. The fact that these computers are bigger and heavier than the ones that fit them is no longer considered by many, especially since laptops are equipped with features such as extra ports, larger batteries and better cooling systems.

Setup for iPhone 13 Pro

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While the MacBook Pro is Apple’s most obvious example of giving people what they want this year, it is not the only one. Take the launch of the iPhone 13. The company was re-released two standard models and two types of “Pro”., as it did in 2020. In many ways, these phones were constantly updated on the 12th list – but all four phones have a much better battery life than their predecessors. Promoting longevity is an obvious way to make customers happy, but the good news is that Apple quickly identified a weak spot with the iPhone 12 series and repaired it. Probably not by accident, all versions of the iPhone 13 are also a little heavier than last year. (They are also incredibly thick, at .30 inches vs. .29 for iPhone 12.)

Once again, there are recent developments in Apple’s introduction of battery life in the production of affordable prices. The 2018 iPhone XR was excellent cheap and less attractive flagship iPhone XS – but its larger screen and larger body left a battery that smokes “high” XS. As a result, in 2019, Apple made the iPhone 11 Pro bigger than its predecessor XS, as well excellent battery life. It was amazing to see Apple making a bigger iPhone after a long run of weight loss, but it was welcome. The company in the end seems to realize that the thinnest device that needs to be paid for all the time does not make the best use of it.

Another good example is Apple major heart changes around remodeling. In particular, Apple announced plans sell repair parts and tips for customers who want to repair their iPhones themselves, a victory for anyone who felt they should pop up to unlock their iPhone and put in a new battery or repair a broken display. While the reform groups say there is a lot Apple can do in the area, they still appreciate it as a major step away from completely closed products, many of which have never been used before. Apple is launching the iPhone, but said it will also roll out its own custom-made devices and components for Mac-based Macs in 2022. The risk of government regulations may have played a major role in the new process, but the results are positive for consumers.

Apple is also a little more comfortable with its products than it has been for a while. Take it iMac powered by M1, For example. Ine I wish it had more ports and, considering the price, it should have a lot of RAM and storage – but the variety of colors Apple has chosen is the best. I’m dying for these models to come with a redesigned MacBook Air (spring-cut fingers). The three new types in the HomePod mini lineup is another good example of Apple in realizing that the equipment you put in your home should not be gray or silver.

While the new MacBook Pro is a big step for those who want more power on the go, Apple has not provided the computer specialists with whatever type of equipment they need. Because Apple is in the middle of its transition to Apple Silicon, the big iMac and Mac Pro machines are hard to recommend right now. Hopefully, Apple will bring the power of the M1 Pro and M1 Max to the larger iMac as well as the new Mac Pro platform in 2022. If they can close this final next year, Mac buyers will be covered in all aspects of this update. a list of company items. It’s been too long since we could say that.

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