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IBM says it developed the world’s first 2nm device


claims to have played a major role in chip technology development in making the first 2nm chip. The company is said to have pumped 50 billion transistors into a device similar to a human fingernail.

The architecture can enable processor manufacturers to use up to 45% power and power equivalent to 7nm chips, or the same functionality using less than 75 power, according to IBM. Most 2nm processors can offer something in between, better performance and more power.

Electronic devices with 2nm processors can have four battery life of those with 7nm processors. IBM says you may need to charge both phones every four days. Laptops are powered from such processors, where autonomous vehicles can detect and act quickly, according to IBM. The company claims that the technology will benefit energy efficiency, exploration, intelligence, 5G and 6G and .

IBM seems to have made a 2nm victory in front of its competitors. which started last fall, is the first processor to adopt the TSMC 5nm technical method. Some manufacturers, such as AMD and Qualcomm, are using TSMC’s 7nm chips. Intel does not need to produce 7nm processors . It uses chips 10nm and 14nm. However, Intel chips tend to have a weaker transistor than the same processors nm image, which is why it does not compare apples to apples. TSMC, meanwhile, is also implementing a 2nm program and expects to produce 4nm and 3nm volumes .

It is not known when 2nm processors can fit into consumer equipment, but to advertise 2nm chips and bind them to measurements and other features. IBM is planning to release its first 7nm processors this year on its Power Systems servers. Although 2nm processors may be too young to come to laptops and phones, it is important to know that solid and functional CPUs are in place.

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