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Husqvarna 435X AWD Vehicle Review: Tired and Functional


I hate mowing grass. First of all, a large unproductive weed is destructive – why would a grass have a garden, or an orchard, or all kinds of useful plants? That I have to push around the device to keep the green desert this makes it a double insult.

Luckily, this summer I pulled out a Husqvarna 435X AWD car on my lawn. Now I don’t even have to think about cutting.

Love Robot

The Husqvarna 435X is the most advanced, all-wheel drive company. robotic lawn mower; Husqvarna has low-cost models that can do the same. The 435X costs a lot of money because it was designed to handle yard yards and challenging terrain, both of which are the look of the house I rent.

The 435X results exceeded my expectations. Of course, my expectations were low: Just make sure I don’t call it a weed. 435X can go further. I have never had any problems, except hanging from the fallen tree branches from time to time. During the more than six months of testing, that was the only problem that ever existed. It produced the finest grass, the best crop in our area. Every courier who came to our home asked us about the lawn and the curious animals that roamed the country.

The secret to 435X’s grass-specificing skills lies in the round razor. Yes, the 435X is a standard robot with a round blade. (I always try to be polite and kind to it, hoping it will save me from robot robberies.) Because it cuts more often than you or the grass can, 435X cuts off small pieces of grass. time. This is the secret to healthy grass. When you let the grass grow taller with then and mowing, you leave lots of piles of cut grass on the back – even if you use a killer. These piles destroy the weeds you are trying to grow, and open up natural playgrounds in your yard to destroy the weeds.

There is one secret to getting a good lawn from a robotic helper: Change the leaves frequently. Husqvarna’s official idea is to change your leaves every month or every two months, with a warning that they will vary depending on the type of grass and soil in your home. I found that every two months was correct. In an attempt to experiment, I leave it too long, and the cut is distorted. I also found it useful to check frequently to make sure all the pages are still intact. Twice the knives broke off the fallen branches and passed under the car mechanic.

Another thing you need to do is get rid of all the weeds. In my house, grass has shades of 100-year-old pecan trees. They are beautiful in the shade, but they drop branches from time to time in the wind. The ones that hung 435X if I didn’t remove them. However, occasionally carrying a branch of a tree is less expensive.

Photo: Husqvarna


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