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Humility tries to reduce charitable contributions by 15%


From the end of May, The burden of humility They are planning to try out a new store page that will remove their signers. Since selling its first product in 2010, the company has allowed customers to choose how much they pay for games, programs or books that are shared between them, publishers and sponsors. It is a system that already allows you to pay whatever you pay to get it for good reasons.

The burden of humility

In a blog post highlighted by Kotaku, the company now says it wants to do so replace the system with a new one where you can have two options. Once you have decided on the amount you want to spend on the bundle, you can choose to donate five or 15% of your purchase to charity. Either way, most of your money is donated to publishers, and the company donates up to 15 percent of your charity. It appears that this change will help to integrate the pockets and other contributions that the insurer does not have. This, in turn, will allow “the continued production and development of powerful bundles of energy that cause wonders around the world.” We have been in touch with Humble Bundle for more information and feedback, and we will change the subject as soon as we hear from the company.

As you can imagine, this change is not going well with corporate clients, many criticizing the Humble for turning it into another store-bought service. In addition, when the company started trying to change last month, it did not share what it does with the community. “We apologize for this and thank all those who wrote to ask us about this,” he said. “What we learned from them was that we would have to be more discriminating with the help we render toward other people.

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