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How You Can Work — Everywhere

I’ve been walking regularly or living abroad for the past 15 years. All this time I have been working on one job or another as my writing and technology career grows. I set up editors from a small log cabin on a Caribbean island and met my last time at the airport. I have been involved with clients ‘videos at coffee shops, friends’ houses, and temporary rentals around the world.

I love the freedom I have to make my own decisions in life. Now, it looks like most of us will be leaving the cultural office developing and forming a different vision for our working life.

This guide will help you decide what to pack in your wallet so that you can travel lightly when working with any activity you want.

Gear Basics

The tools you need will vary, obviously, depending on the job you are doing. But the following list gives you the opportunity to do office start-ups and create more media, run meetings and interviews, and collaborate with clients.

The home office directory guide is located it covers a lot of what you would like, but obviously, larger arms may not look like a wallet.

Select Your Laptop

To select a laptop that fits your needs, list your activities. Then choose one that controls the working capacity and the cost and weight of the equipment.

I use a 14-inch MacBook Pro. I want something more powerful than the Macbook Air, plus I want more ports. A small cover saves about 1 pounds in weight, which is not a lot, but it increases when you put your equipment in your pack.

See this laptop under $ 700 here it is good.

To make your laptop charging and connected to your devices, carry a multiport hub, and do not forget all the essentials chargers and cables. And don’t forget the tools and equipment you need to do what you do all the time: headphones if you want to prevent noise and work, microphones if you record sound, and so on. Just remember to buy wisely. You must carry all these weapons wherever you go.

Internet connection

A strong internet connection is essential for you to work on the road. Fortunately, it is easy to find any connections you can go. Do not underestimate the availability of free Wi-Fi! It is usually found in restaurants, restaurants, especially if you are a guest at a hotel. When you become a customer, most businesses will have no problem connecting you.

When No Internet or Internet Problems

I rushed to the booth at a yoga mat on a mountain in Costa Rica. It was beautiful and full of monkeys, but you have no internet. To solve this, I bought a local SIM card which includes the internet anywhere in the world.

Pali three major SIM card that accesses almost any phone. You need a small pin to unlock the side of your phone that holds the chip. A small paperclip works well, and it is important to keep it in a safe place in your pack.

Create a Hot Location on Your Phone

Whether through your local device or your work, it’s easy to go to your phone’s settings and setting up a hot spot. You also have the opportunity to create passwords to protect your privacy and protect your precious moments.

When You Can’t Connect

For as long as the internet has no problem, save your work on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or another cloud storage solutions and make sure it is available even if you do not have internet access. It’s a great way to get on the plane or while traveling. These cloud services also connect your offline service when you reconnect.

One Carrying Bag

Your bag should be light, durable, and easy to carry. You will need a variety of bags, including small, easily accessible items that can easily be lost or items that you may need to quickly retrieve, such as your ID, keys, passports, and so on.

I carry SwissGear’s Wenger Ibex 17-inch Laptop Backpack. I like the “emergency bag” on top to store the things I need on a regular basis, such as my cell phone and keys. The strong wire cable at the top makes it easy to catch and run a plane or bus.

For more information, see WIRED’s 2021 review of very good working bags.

How Your Smartphone Works

Almost everything you can do with your computer you can do with a smartphone. Upgrade with programs you use frequently to access your data, edit documents, manage social media, or run meetings.

Photography and videos on a mobile phone that’s great. You will not need to purchase additional equipment unless you are a professional photographer or video recorder. Improve your phone’s skills with extras and extras like this.

By the way, you will need a phone lock when using the SIM for activities other than your carrier. Most US mobile operators charge a fee to unlock the phones if you have purchased through them. Or you can buy an unlocked phone and use whatever function you want.

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