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How to Save Your Electronic Life: Solid Drives, Cloud Operating Equipment, and Instructions


Even in national names, some movements are better than others. Several of us here at Gear have been lucky with Western hard drives. I like this 4-terabyte ($ 90 on Amazon, $ 95 per target), which returns the story tonight (stored in the cloud as I type, more per minute). If you do not have a big problem, there is a Western Digital 6-terabyte “desktop” version that is not much larger ($ 141 at Amazon, $ 155 at Walmart).

One of the best things about buying a backup car is that you don’t have to worry about speeding. Even a slow drive of 5,400-rpm is fine. Slow driving is cheaper, and since the recovery program runs in the background, you probably won’t see much slower speed.

Find the largest car you can afford. Backup add-ons and this is how all the best backup software works – save disk space by saving only the files that have changed since the last save. But even so, you need more powerful storage than anything else in your PC. A good rule of thumb is to take a cache that is two, or three times, the size of the drive in your computer.

Put It on and forget It

The best way to store things without using anything. If you need to make a backup backup, you probably won’t. Nowadays there are programs that can modify all of your backup services.

Mac users should use Time Machine. It’s an amazingly simple app and probably a good reason to buy a Mac. Apple has it good advice how to set up Time Machine so make daily backups on your hard drive. Time Machine is smart too; it will just restore the converted files, which is why it does not consume all your disk space.

Windows 10 comes with what Microsoft calls “Backup,” but it doesn’t have a Time Machine interface polish, and it doesn’t seem to be the goal of daily backups. While most of the Time Machine is in Backup, realizing it is not a matter of despair. To get a simple Time Machine interface in Windows, you need to go to a third-party program. I’ve been lucky with Think Macrium, which has the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Page Storage: All-in-One

The second version I show is not available online. In the “cloud” as business departments call it – which is another way of saying “someone’s computer.” By this I mean the server in the data center far from your home. This is a reversal that affects the risk of physical damage. For example, I once lost my laptop to a lightning bolt (yes I had a protector, it melted a lot), but since my data was backed up in the cloud, I was able to recover everything.

What you don’t want is the same as Dropbox, Google Drive, or These are great ways to share and exchange documents, but they are not good for backup storage. When you edit a file on your computer, these changes are converted to Dropbox. This means that if a file is corrupted, the files will be sent to Dropbox and modified on all storage. That’s not what you want. Good recovery does not change. You copy the file and then it will no longer be affected.

Fortunately there are many cloud storage options available. Everything else is the same: You sign up, download the app, and you’re done. This is what we do for newcomers.


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