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How the FBI Connected San Bernardino’s iPhone


As Biden As the government unveils a growing list of issues, the White House imposed sanctions this week on Russia, including the disruption of the 2020 elections, the poisoning of protesters Aleksey Navalny, and SolarWinds shooting which swept away US government agencies and many business companies. Revenge is problems when it comes to SolarWinds, because it contained a type of spy that is often politically motivated.

Elsewhere in the US government, the department of Justice took a large part this week to suspend a Chinese protest allowing the FBI to obtain a warrant and to abolish human rights abuses in prisons. Many security forces praised the work, but the move also sparked controversy over what could be done by the US government that could be dangerous.

In a world full of internet-of-things security, researchers published Tuesday that more than 100 million linked to IT management servers may be at risk of attack, due to errors in proper social networking. These devices are manufactured by a wide range of retailers and are used in areas from general offices to hospitals and essential facilities, which can signal the network to attack.

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In 2016 the US government became famous tried to force Apple to unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. The lawsuit may provide a model for the government to order that technology companies disrupt security in their products or to put “backs.” (Several legal and legislative bodies around the world continue to promote such opportunities). But secrecy advocates and security experts have spoken out in no uncertain terms the back becomes dangerous and could put individuals at risk for privacy and confidentiality. In the case of San Bernardino, the FBI found a way to access the device without Apple’s help. Reports at the time indicate that the FBI paid nearly $ 1 million for the use of an iPhone-ripped device made by a commercial company. This week, Washington Post revealed that the company that sold the weapon is not one of the best known players, but a small Australian company called Azimuth which is now owned by US contractor L3Harris. This article provides details that help companies when they respect to reject other laws that may come from the U.S. Justice department or other governments in the future.

As part of a lawsuit filed by the White House against Russia, Biden officials have issued a list of cyber security vendors who allegedly provide smuggling weapons and other services to those who rob Russia. One of these companies, Positive Technologies, is a member of Microsoft’s Active Protections Program, a group of about 100 software vendors who receive Microsoft alerts about Windows crashes or other Microsoft products before it is released. Microsoft sometimes shares evidence that the threat may be used aggressively in an effort to disclose its privacy. The idea is to be protected by Microsoft’s partners to avoid the inevitable flood of evil that comes once the patches are released and attackers everywhere can restore them to make their weapons of mass destruction. If Positive Technologies is working with the Russian government, it is not he could have spread the message and allowing insurgents to change their skills or adopt mistakes they do not know. The company vehemently denied the allegations.

The Commissioner for European Budget and Management said this week that the theft of SolarWinds could disrupt six European Union offices. Overall, 14 EU agencies ran the SolarWinds Orion program which was affected during the robbery. The EU Emergency Response Team did not say which six organizations had downplayed the changes and did not say how many of the six had been most affected by the Russians. The CERT-EU also said that of those six, “it had a profound effect on them,” and that “some of the most disturbing developments have taken place.”

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