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How The Best Designer Revives Comic Con Failure


Over the next decade, Graeb and the team at Wizard have launched a number of innovations to revive this dead Comic Con, looking for ways to integrate different types of fans and their interests. Thanks to this magazine, the team at Wizard interacts with game developers, filmmakers, movie studios, and advertisers. Suddenly Gareb was mixing countries and bringing beauty and high sense of humor to the event which was embarrassing. They created professional photographers and met to greet each other, launch video conferencing, video marketing, and advertising for advertisers. Suddenly the fans were part of the action: They would meet their heroes, and compete with each other to wear high-quality clothing. They made their friends play at table games instead of volunteer games, to make a name for themselves or to make friends. Using the new ones, larger groups came in and more villages were connected. The Gareb conference was known as the Wizard World Comic-Con, and had gone from an event of a few thousand to over 50,000 people over one weekend. What started as a glorious market turned the headquarters of fans and enthusiasts of gathering and connecting. Over time, they have expanded and operated in more than 16 cities a year. In the meantime, the magazine has provided fans with a year-round opportunity for companies related to TV, movies, video games, toys, toys, events and cosplay.

Note that Gareb did not make a comic book — fans were there before he was born. Instead, he gave them a place to gather and express themselves freely. A place where members of these cultures can share connections. If you are a lover of picture books, exhibitions, or permission to write an essay, there are myths and legends that you are familiar with. All Star Wars fans know about Force, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker, every Spider-Man fan knows that Peter Parker regrets his decision to stop the terrorists who killed Uncle Ben, and that with great power he plays a major role. And, of course, everyone who loves Harry Potter knows about Lord Voldemort. The Wizard magazine and, in time, Gareb’s Comic-Cons gave all these fans a place to connect with their favorite history and legends. Today, these stories have completely changed the entertainment industry, and every major blockbuster comes from one of these, but not all of them have.

Despite the growing community and fan base ideas, by the end of the 1990’s, the comedy industry was in its infancy. People were buying a few jokes, and selling dolls was cheap. Marvel was forced to submit Chapter 11, and in 2000, the company brought in a new president to change things. Before the new president took office, he knew he needed as much marketing information as he could. He knows that his former colleague Gareb may have ideas that could help Marvel in the future. While many people in the industry were living in offices writing, drawing, or editing, Gareb had a unique idea. Not only did he connect with people in all of the related industries, he interacted with a group of fans every day through meetings and magazines, and he understood the complexities of subcultures. As he spoke, Gareb joked that “after many years of writing, the stories of these comic books were so old-fashioned that the next Spider-Man story would be Peter Parker’s anti-Prostate Exam.” The fact was that many of Marvel’s characters were no longer social or social. If the company wants to connect with new fans, it has to restart its form, and Gareb said it should start with Spider-Man.


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