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How Boba Fett Escaped Sarlacc in Star Wars EU

Boba Fett has turned the back of Tatooine twins in his first appearance in The Mandalorian season 2.

This is the first time Boba has managed to escape the tummy tuck on Tatooine.
Picture: Photo by Lucasfilm

Boba Fett is dead, Boba Fett is dead! Next week, Book of Boba Fett will begin a new journey and the well-known Temuera Morrison’s Bounty Hunter, opening a new path his rebellious kingdom by looking at how he deceived his death (instead). The return of the Jedi. But this is it Star Wars: of course, this this is not the first time we have seen Boba do this.

How Boba Fett Escaped Sarlacc

An image of the story called How Boba Fett Returned ... First Time Around

Picture: Ron Frenz, Tom Palmer, Tom Mandrake, Joe Rosen, and Glynis Wein / Marvel Comics

Blessed be you Star Wars the whole universe because it exists two moment Boba fled sarlacc continuously. The first obscure, yet intriguing story came to Marvel’s front page Star Wars a joke. Star Wars # 81 – The so-called “Jawas of Doom” – released in late 1983, saw Han and Leia return to Tatooine shortly after the The return of the Jedi, like Han … well, Han was trying to get his bank to admit that he was no longer Carbonite, and he needed to reopen his account. Yes.

However, it turned out that Jawa Sandcrawler who was captured by Boba managed to pull his way out of the sarlacc pit, assuming that the man wearing the shell was actually a droid that he could remove. After the same Jawas stole R2-D2 from under Han and Leia, the two chased them away, Han enters the Sandcrawler and finds himself with Boba Fett. The good news for Han, however, was that Boba had an amnesia “I’m a little dizzy”, and they didn’t recognize him. With a kind heart to let go of the hunter who did not know that had made Han’s life miserable for the past several years, the two worked together to escape Sandcrawler and R2. Unfortunately, it does not have to be: Leia repeatedly chanting Han’s name outside Sandcrawler shook Boba’s memory as she and Han were about to make up, which prompted her to go immediately to end Han’s life once. More. Han jumped with R2, and poor Boba – and the wandering Sandcrawler – fell back into sarlacc. Because how could he stay in there to get out again?

How Boba Fett Escape Sarlacc (Again)

An image of the story called How Boba Fett Returned ... First Time Around

Picture: Jeffery Carlisle / Del Rey

Upon his return to prison, Boba planned to escape another thousand years of suffering. As shown in “Barve Like That: The Tale of Boba Fett,” JD Montgomery’s short story in the 1996 anthology News From Jabba House, Boba began using internal sarlacc systems to interact telepathic to one of his victims, a stranger named Susejo. After remembering these two things, of the many people who suffered from sarlacc that came after Susejo and Boba did well as a giving hunter, Boba realized that Susejo only had sarlacc. Boba caused the monster to swing around the airport, breaking it and igniting its movement, seriously injuring Boba and blasting his nerves.

However, because he did not have enough energy to get out of the carcass while caring for his wounds, Boba fainted and fainted — Boba recovered. This time, not by the Jawas, but by his beloved hunter: none other than Dengar. Investigating the salvage left over from the wreckage of the Jabba ship, the Select, Dengar found Boba’s body and nursed his enemy who was an expert to keep him healthy. Dengar was assisted by a young dancer from the Jabba palace who survived the fall of his master, Neelah – whose memory was erased before he was sold into slavery, and he believed Boba connected with the liberation of the past.

What Boba Fett Did After Fleeing Sarlacc

An image of the story called How Boba Fett Returned ... First Time Around

Picture: Darren Tan / Star Wars Galaxies

After Boba recovered enough to escape Tatooine with Dengar and Neelah in his arms – who discovered he was a Kuelvult-born Kateel of Kuhlvult, at the home of the famous Kuat Drive Yards star-Boba became friends with Dengar, and the two formed an undoubted first impression. . After quitting Slave I to go to the revenge of the leader of the Kuat Drive Yards, the Kuat of Kuat (yes, literally), Boba left the rest of the shipyard under Kateel’s rule and re-joined Dengar as a hunter. For a while, he took the anonymity he found with people believed to have died in the sarlacc pit, working secretly with Dengar. It would take another four years until Boba reappeared on the galaxy stage, introducing himself to Han Solo after holding the General Alliance in the month of Nar Shaddaa in an attempt to re-establish vengance against his earlier demands. From then on … well, let’s just say Boba continued to have them long, useless life in the former EU.

No doubt Book of Boba Fett will also provide us with an alternative to recounting the event, which will now be accepted as a “legitimate” story in the Disney and Lucasfilm canon era, on a regular basis. But it will be interesting to see what strikes the mind – and the emotional impact it can have on a person we know well as an unfamiliar word. as a real person—Is similar to the Boba rebirth translations that we witnessed in the past. We will know when the series will start flooding on Disney + Wednesday, December 29th.

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