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Hospitality warns that failure to provide Covid support could revert to compensation

Business groups in the UK have warned that troubled hospitality and leisure companies should reduce their workload and workloads if they are left waiting for the emergency services promised before Christmas.

In December, the Chancellor promised $ 683m to English businesses to help them survive the “plan B” Covid. that stopped many people go to pubs and restaurants at the busiest time of the year to receive visitors.

The government said the aid, a portion of a large package of £ 1bn, was aware that “the rise of Omicron brands means that some businesses may suffer in the coming weeks”.

It added: “At a time when it is often the most profitable in the year, many retail and restaurants have stopped and reduced the number because people have responded to the rise before Christmas.”

However, few businesses still saw any revenue, according to pubs and commercial groups, despite having to pay rent and fees at the end of last year as they face another barren month in January.

Local councils said detailed instructions for the donations were only issued on December 30 and rescheduled for January 12.

One official said BEIS expects the funds to be disbursed by March 31 and has set a deadline for February 28 for elections to be held.

Craig Beaumont, head of foreign affairs at the Federation of Small Businesses, said “just a short time” of the funds raised began to be distributed this week despite the many businesses facing the new year.

“It has to be very fast. This is a dangerous time for those businesses because they have to pay rent and rent, and now they are making decisions about employment and finances. They do not have to wait until March – when faced with rising taxes and power – to

He also said that some local officials had informed businesses that they were awaiting further instructions from the government before opening applications.

Kate Nicholls, head of UKHospitality, said the “other” aid is reaching businesses “but it is very different from what happens”.

Many councils are still uploading application forms to their site and are expected to provide assistance by the end of the month, he said.

“[The grants] they are down at sea compared to what they have lost but it is something that helps them go through a very difficult time when they have no money. That is why it is so important that the authorities release them immediately. “

Meanwhile, workers are “disrupting and surviving” by cutting off banks by promising to receive assistance after January but others had already begun reducing working hours or closing to save money, Nicholls added. UKHospitality estimates that one third of the hospitality business had less than a month’s income.

BEIS said the government provided the funding on January 7 as well as guidance on eligibility.

“It is important for councils to pay as soon as possible,” he said. “We urge eligible businesses to contact their council to apply for the form, and we continue to urge local authorities to ensure that the required funds reach the required businesses, in order to reduce their financial burden.”

Shaun Davies, chairman of the Telford and Wrekin Council and chairman of the Local Government Association’s Resources Board, said “funding has helped businesses and councils work harder for the government to generate new funding for businesses”.

Despite this, business owners in the hospitality industry have also said that donations, amounting to $ 6,000 per page, will not replace what was lost over the Christmas period.

Stacey Sherwood-French, owner of Joro, a restaurant in Sheffield, said the service was “appreciated” but “in many companies there have been significant losses from December sales, until uncertain January and banking. Companies need to see long-term support.”

Tim Foster, co-founder of Yummy Pubs, said he had never heard of it after asking for help. But, he added, that in one of the most affected areas, the money “does not sell even for one day in December”.

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