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Hong Kong residents hire jets to take their pets out of a remote city

Hong Kongers is leaving the growing city to rent private jets for their pets – the only way for many to take their animals with them because epidemic restrictions squeeze cargo hold on business trips.

With the city’s zero-Covid control that results in increased inventory and aviation, people have come together to use individual jets at a cost of approximately HK $ 200,000 ($ 25,665) for each owner and their pets, companies and individuals have said so.

“There is a great need,” says Chris Phillips, a veterinary and medical superintendent at Air Charter Service, a regular airline retailer. “People want to get their pets back [to their home countries], their cats and dogs and their rabbits, and they are unable to bring them back by trade. ”

Hong Kong officials this month banned flights from eight countries as part of the city’s anti-virus policy, which has led to changes in airlines as airlines struggle to comply with changing regulations.

Local government control is causing some displaced people to leave the city as more and more people join the movement to relocate to the UK, Australia and Canada due to the unrest in China in 2019.

Hong Kong’s efforts to eradicate the virus have reached pets, and the government killing more than 1,000 hamsters this week is the isolation of about 150 visitors selling animals for fear of the spread of the animal to man.

The population of Hong Kong has dropped by 1.2 percent in the first half of 2021, according to a recent census. Those who can afford it are taking their pets but this is becoming more and more difficult due to the shortage of aircraft, which makes people want more special aircraft.

“There is a new type of jet where people gather and try to find a date and say ‘okay, we’ll go today’,” said Philips of the Air Charter Service.

Steve Pheby, senior consultant at Ferndale Kennels and Cattery, said before the epidemic his business was similar between importing and exporting pets, but now it was 90-95 percent in terms of exports.

“We cannot predict the future accurately. . . each week we find another airport that is down the road, “he said, adding that” few people “have been looking for a private airline. He also said it could cost HK $ 150,000 to transport Labrador and its owner to the UK.

“The sad reality is that. . .[for]”Most people, their dog and relative, pull short grass to pay for the high prices,” he said.

Pet Holidays, a Hong Kong-based company, said it had planned 18 special flights last year for pet transfers, with flights to the UK and Canada, Taiwan and Singapore, compared to zero in 2020. It is expected to lease another 20 special pet flights this year. , with about a third of customers moving from commercial airlines to leasing services.

Ada Lo, from Dog Express, said the company has three special pet planes planning to fly to the UK in the coming months, while Gary Costello, a UK veterinarian at PBS International Freight, who works with jet companies, said the group took action. have seen a “significant increase” in Hong Konggers’ importance.

Top Stars Air, a commercial airlines, said it had planned several flights last year and now receives 20 requests a day. It has a London-based flight scheduled for next month for six people and seven pets, with the jet flying from Dubai with no crew landing, depending on Hong Kong’s private needs.

Annett Schirmer, a student in Hong Kong, said she was planning to move to Europe in May and was trying to arrange a flight for her three dogs and one cat via television.

“Airplanes are usually stopped [at] a brief warning which makes it very difficult because pets need to check their records and vet monitoring within the time related to the flight, “he said.

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