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Hong Kong ‘remaining’ vaccine program for foreign workers | Coronavirus News Plague


Most of the approximately 370,000 domestic workers from Hong Kong are from Indonesia and the Philippines.

Hong Kong has scrapped a plan to develop a coronavirus vaccine for foreign workers from the Philippines after the Philippines and working groups opposed the request as racist.

However, Carrie Lam, a senior in Hong Kong, on Tuesday ordered another important trial for all foreign helpers as a “warning” to other coronavirus-infected groups.

Health officials in Hong Kong announced the approval of the vaccine and tested all domestic workers last month after two people tested positive for the virus.

Officials said domestic workers were “at high risk” because they often work with the elderly and meet in parks on Sundays, usually one day a week, and said those who wanted to apply for a work visa – or renew existing ones – would have to prove they had received assignments. two of the jab of COVID-19.

Most of the approximately 370,000 domestic workers from Hong Kong come from Indonesia and the Philippines, the countries most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

The idea sparked opposition from Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., who said the proper vaccination system was “undermining discrimination”.

Workers’ groups representing domestic workers also said they felt marginalized, saying the families who worked there – as well as locals working as caregivers – should not have been vaccinated.

The groups also noted that wealthy foreign nationals such as economic activists in the city were not compelled to receive the vaccine when coronavirus was present in their state.

On Tuesday, Lam said his government had abandoned the system after officials assessed public health needs and legal issues. He also said that this happened after he met with officials from the Philippines and Indonesia.

Lam also said that the second trial of vaccinated workers will start on Saturday and end in May.

“We have to be careful before we start, as we have found several types of COVID-19 in the area,” he said.

But the idea has raised new concerns, with the Philippine ambassador warning that “it will not go well with the community”.

“I doubted the importance of other accredited exams, and said that almost all domestic workers should follow the appropriate tests,” Consul General Raly Tejada told the South China Morning Post, referring to recent meetings with Hong Kong officials.

Hong Kong has so far released 11,812 coronaviruses, of which 210 have died.

Although the region has received adequate coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine, the population has remained very low.

So far only 16% of the city’s 7.5 million people have received at least one measure, a long way from 60 to 70 percent of what they consider necessary to protect security.

Regular voting shows that Hong Kongers has the lowest humanitarian figures in the world.

Some of the vaccines in Hong Kong for Pfizer-BioNTech will go through their shelves in September and officials are worried that they may not be able to dispose of quality products.

Vaccination has been hampered by a lack of government capacity.

In the wake of the massive democratic protests that erupted in 2019, elected leaders in Hong Kong – with the help of Beijing – oversaw the devastation of the city’s dissidents.


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