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Hong Kong police have arrested Apple Daily editor, editor, and attack HQ | Freedom of the Press

Police are suing five “` allied forces “with the recent arrests under the National Security Law, with more police officers being sent to headquarters.

Hong Kong police have arrested the editor-in-chief of Apple Daily, a media group set up by pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai, and four other protesters over national security offenses on Thursday morning. Hong Kong.

Apple Daily has confirmed editor-in-chief Ryan Law, Chief Executive Officer Cheung Kim-hung, Chief Operating Officer Chow Tat-kuen, Deputy Chief Editor Chan Puiman and Chief Executive Editor Cheung Chi-wai have been arrested.

He is accused of “collaborating with foreign groups”.

“Reports published in the newspaper claim that they did so in accordance with the country’s security law,” the South China Morning Post reported.

Local journalists say police arrived at the press headquarters at 7am (23:00 GMT Wednesday) with licenses to search the area and to confiscate “publications”.

Entry and exit to the wall were blocked and a Facebook police page highlighted incidents with journalists gathered outside.

“Police are working on the legal process in the Tseung Kwan O O Industrial Area,” it said.

Apple Daily reported the shooting, although it said all employees arriving at the office had to register their IDs, work cards, phone numbers and addresses with the police and were only allowed to enter the canteen. Journalists were “banned (to return) to work,” reporters said on his Facebook page.

China enacted National Security Law about a year ago, the city of independence was shaken a few months after other violent protests in 2019. Common law prohibits such acts as insurgency, insurgency, alliances with foreign troops and isolation and life imprisonment, but protesters say .

Lai was arrested last August while police are also present attacked the press headquarters. The old 73 was He was arrested in December the court will set him free. He faces three charges according to security law plus international cooperation.

Last month, officials used the security law to force a freezes on Lai’s property.

Lai has made a fortune in the clothing business and the Giordano fashion chain. Apple Daily, an anti-democratic newspaper apologizing, was launched in 1995.

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