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Image of Star Wars Novel High Republic: The Rising Storm Excerpt Now Available

Figure: Marvel / Lucas video has given fans all sorts of fun this week. The site released a section of Cavan Scott’s new book, Star Wars: The Great Republic: Rising Storm, the next book in Star Wars: High Republic list.

Available July 6, 2021, Scott told a Star Wars community as it is to take the universe of Star Wars in a new way. “Writing a Star Wars the book has always been respectful, and this has never been different. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly, especially when I open a new season Star Wars legends such as High Republic. ”

Scott is now one of the only writers to have ever written Star Wars books on Charles Soule, Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, and Daniel José Wakale.

Introduction from Rising Storm release Elzar Mann’s a dreadful vision of the end of the Jedi system. Here is a summary of the text:

The screams did not stop with Elzar Mann. Several months had passed since the Starlight Beacon dedication ceremony, as he stood alongside his fellow Jedians. As he stood next to Avar Kriss. ”

The glare of the galaxy was on them dressed in elaborate temples, a dazzling collage that listened to conversations and initiatives, first from Chancellor Lina Soh, the leader of the Galactic Republic, and then from Avar.

Avar wake. Hetzal Soldier.

Beacon was their promise to the galaxy, Avar had said. It was their covenant. He also heard his voice.

As long as you are alone. . . each time darkness fell. . . know that the Power is with you. Know that we are with you. . . About light and life.

About light and life.

But this did not stop the darkness from closing at the end of the day. A wave of pain and suffering, a vision of the future so dangerous that it is incomprehensible. ”

He approached, holding the rails, blood coming out of his nose because the pressure on his head threatened to split his skull in half.

What he saw disturbed him ever since. They had eaten him up.

The Jedi dies one by one, carried by a twisted, unknown cloud. Stellan. Avar. Anyone who has known them in the past and anyone they can meet in the coming days. All familiar and strange faces were torn.

And screaming.

The screaming was horrible.

He managed to get through the night silently, passing by, absent, the sound of what he saw. . . what he heard. . . burnt in the eye of his mind.

There were mistakes, very few glasses of Kattadan rosé at the party, Avar asking for the dancer mentioned, Elzar leaning a little curiously, a little in public.

She also feels his hand on her chest, pushing her back.

“El. What are you doing? “

They argued privately, his head still spinning.

“We are no longer Padawans.”

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