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An amazing thing happened online this week. (It’s getting smaller, I know.) In conversation with Variety, Justin Halpern, co-author of the show Harley Quinn, also said that during the third season of the show, DC Entertainment debated what was planned when Batman committed sexual misconduct in the mouth of Catwoman. The reason? “Heroes do not. Halpern responded by asking, “Are you saying heroes are selfish?” And when it does it was not The real reason – it had to do with trying to sell toys – made many Twitter users wonder, “Wait, it wouldn’t make sense if you were a hero. did do that? ”(My thoughts: Yes.)

What he did was quick: jokes about the simple form of Batman’s mask and the billionaires refusing to be exploited under capitalism; rest that “Batman’s parents are not alive to see this conversation. ”Everyone had a hot meal, and a small snack when everything was not hot. But it also led to many sexual problems. Over the years there have been many heroes, as well as bad, romantic ones. Clark Kent loves Lois Lane; The Widow’s words of encouragement bring the Hulk to Bruce Banner. Wanda and Vision. Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. But these relationships are pure, even in the movies and TV shows about adults.

Obviously, there are reasons. One-on-one comedy stories are still relevant to children and adults alike, so extreme sexuality can be difficult. Two, for many years, Comics Code Control all but forbade it. Since the 1950s, following the release of psychiatrist Fredric Wertham’s Attract Innocent, which says jokes are harmful to children, CCA rules protect more sex. This continued in another way until the last two publishers were released from the CCA in 2011. (Although, the legal capacity had been temporarily declining before this, allowing other sexual views, including in various Batman publications.)

But this is a joke. For decades Hollywood has been pushing sports heroes to show off big and small, where they are more comfortable doing what they want. Ant-Man could not say that Steve Rogers was “American donkey”He would not have done so. Hell, Catwoman really licked Batman’s face inside Batman Is Back– and it was in 1992. Since then, a time of rage, the fluctuations in comic books have made heroes do more than they ever did before. He is bloody, swearing, but often does not follow through. They do antihero shows and movies like Dead Pool, Jessica Jones, Mute, or The guards, but the world of leading heroes has remained very immoral – even though it is clear that Tony Stark and Pepper Potts are having sex. (She has a baby. Come on.)

Now, that doesn’t mean the controversy over a lot of computer stuff, Bat-on-Cat, but the idea that going down is something that “heroes don’t do” is strange. Since it has been proven that Bruce Wayne, you know, has probably had sex before, the idea seems to be as sexually appropriate to a person like Dark Knight. Sadly. Giving the hero ideas, and pretending to be unselfish lovers, is just making a good deal. It makes them more compact. He often saves the world, but he cannot save himself. It tolerates dangers; they struggle with their own culture. No. everything it should be clearly stated on the page or on the screen, but it should not be a visual representation of Batman pleasing Catwoman. Real heroes do more than just wear hats.

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