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Here’s an Amazing Artwork That Ever Happened

Captain America points with WWII troops and aircraft in the background.

There have been many Marvel paintings over ten years, and he will go ahead being more like how his characters turn out to be great. However, we do not always hear of Marvel paintings themselves do not it happens, of which there is probably much more. But Brad Graeber, CEO of Castlevania creator Powerhouse movies, has decided to remove the curtain from the Marvel show that the studio has already tried to make.

To coincide with the 75th anniversary of Marvel in 2014, Graeber created the “Marvel Era,” a short-lived anthology series that would have included brief words inspired by Marvel’s various eras. In a Twitter thread, Graeber described how each or more episode would come up with a series of animations to coincide with the actual decade – Captain America’s would have been like Fleischer cartoons since the 40s, Power Man and Iron Fist. when you shoot on a 70s movie, you get an idea. The most interesting of these is probably the X-Men of the 60s, produced by the segment Castevania director Sam Deats.

With the work the studio was doing at the time on various Disney projects, Graeber was asked by Disney executives to provide feedback, and Era was one that everyone in the studio ran to the back. Remember, it was all at a time when Powerhouse was not … Castlevania or Six hands. An avid fan of the studio, Graeber openly admits that the studio did not have the money or time needed to report on the project, although his experience in the same thread is quite impressive. He also decided to put the animation on the 90s X-Men theme, which is a very interesting experience.

Another thing the Marvel Era did was, not surprisingly, Marvel himself. At the time, the MCU was still a small television group and Disney’s discovery of the printer was different. As Graeber explains to himself, “studio politics was difficult, and we were green.”

Obviously, Powerhouse eventually worked Castlevania and everything else is history, but don’t you want us to get this too?

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