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Here’s a Peaceful New Year’s Caravan

John Cena as a Peacemaker, is fluctuating in the classroom of students.

What better way to celebrate the start of 2022 than with violence and eagles? As the clock struck midnight, James Gunn pulled down a new cart The peacemaker, and spinff wa Suicide Squad playing with the anti-patriotic John Cena. Instead of focusing on a well-known person‘s a great spirit, the new trailer features horrific violence and horror jokes about Gunn’s film.

After being able to present himself as a hero after what happened in the film, Peacemaker called for action to help “save” the world again. Instead of trading with Idris Elba and chatting with a shark man as a matter of course, Peacemaker has been awarded. new team to ping-pong off of which is probably as immovable as Task Force X. The most exciting among the singers-Well, except for the beloved Eagley, of course, and Vigilante of Freddie Stroma. In other words, they can make the Peacemaker look smarter. At one point in the trailer, he uses lice, which appear to be evil thoughts. The two together for sure are twice as persuasive as the practice of idiocy.

Like all jokes, some of the trailers a joke works better than others. Danielle Brooks’ Leota Adebayo placing an extra bullet in another Peacemaker man is already over with a good gag, as is the case with his one line as he throws a rocket launcher at an enemy base. Others like Vigilante Persecution are not very funny right now, but they probably play better in the show instead of just isolating themselves. But even if jokes are hit or missed, the actors look like they will have enough chemistry to make this a little easier: Cena and Brooks play well, and Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt looks like she will be. having fun as the best person for a bunch of idiots he ever had. And if nothing else, it is a show John Cena jumps for joy in the air like an eagle flying high. I had no idea I needed that until I saw it.

The peacemaker will hit HBO Max on January 13th.

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