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Here are the Facts About Section 230

LG: Mm-hmm.

GIVE IT: But if Donald Trump does, or Angela Merkel, or Benjamin Netanyahu, or Rodrigo Duterte, or anyone else, with millions of supporters and political allies, the real consequences for the world could be enormous. So what I want to know is how does Facebook respond to that idea?

LG: Correct. That’s why Facebook has been using the idea of ​​having a chance to give these leaders a chance to expand. It may be wrong to give up, when the group says that it is these people who have the power to do what they do and how they need to be addressed differently, perhaps even more quickly. Now, a lot of the discussion, obviously, is focused on Facebook because we’re talking about the Facebook Oversight Board, but nothing stops Donald Trump from leaving the platform, going to another platform and launching a web page, or … I guess he can’t go on Twitter yet. But tell us what he is doing now and what will happen when you start again later, right? What do you think you are sharing?

GIVE IT: He set up his own page called From Donald Trump’s Desk, and

MC: Name of the best website.

LG: I must say, I did not go to this website.

GIVE IT: Just think of Twitter, but the only user is Donald Trump, and nothing more. That’s what’s on this page. It’s a microblog. It’s a place where he can write his own … Well, let’s see what’s in there now. Go to

LG: Is that what this bridge really is?

MC: I’m sorry.

GIVE IT: Not a joke. This is the real bridge, and … “Thank you to the great Patriots of Windham, New Hampshire, for waging the most bizarre battle to discover the truth about electoral fraud, which took place in New Hampshire.” I’m not going to read the rest of it. If you need this in your life, that’s when you can go get it. And when I find the existence of this, I will definitely find it funny. It’s also interesting because it proves right away that Facebook can’t really recognize Donald Trump. Facebook and Twitter have kicked him out of their platforms, but he can still say this online.

But on the other hand, it doesn’t have the same water as … Honestly, forget Facebook. We all know that what gave Trump the water voice was Twitter. And the main reason with us, is the media. Journalists are connected via Twitter through a channel in which ordinary people are a minority. We are fascinated by what we see there. The platform has features that make it easy to comment on things, magnify them, make fun of them, or make fun of them, and Trump just got on Twitter well, and that was a way to put himself in the media. And, of course, he was the President of the United States and he writes, “I’m firing Secretary of State,” on Twitter. And so, to some extent, the media had no chance, but to say, but it made it easier for us to get interested in where we were before, in a way that journalists are not looking at Facebook on what Donald Trump has to say there, and it is not that it children from

Another thing, of course, is that he is no longer president. What everyone likes to talk about Donald Trump, see, this podcast, he won’t control the same press when he’s not the President, which brings us to your question, Lauren, what if he runs again? For what, I say first, can we all just relax and enjoy a moment of silence, silence. Not to mention politics, I’m just talking nonsense. This issue will be resolved by then. The idea of ​​Facebook will be eliminated by then. They should be banned, which I doubt, but we’ll see. I don’t really know, because this idea surprised me at first. Or they may be allowed to return and may even violate the rules and be rejected.

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