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Help! Should I Save My Hours?


Dear OOO,

I’m not ready to go here. And it seems silly to spend my hard-earned vacation time just sitting there. I would just continue to work and save my free days on the explosion trip later this year. But I’m tired, and I feel like I need to rest. What should I do?

-Portland, Oregon

Here is the simple question I answered: USE YOUR TIME TO SAVE DAMN. APPLY NOW.

Do you really need to be convinced? [Dramatic sigh] All right, let’s do this.

Living in Tokyo or Santorini or wherever the future explosion trip makes you feel like a dream. It’s been so long that I can’t call it a feeling – one of my favorite in the world – living in a foreign country, listening to a language I don’t speak and eating some delicious food and looking at houses and trees very different from I’m used to. That’s why I understand the temptation not to waste “days” on something unpleasant.

And it is difficult to blame you for not being prepared to travel, even if you have received adequate vaccination. Many countries have not yet opened their borders to the United States, and unnecessary transportation to areas where they may have access to health systems and reduced immunization and difficult. For the first time in a year and a half, I fly in a few weeks to see a sick relative who lives all over the country, but with you I want to wait a long time to fly around the world on vacation of choice.

And yet! This year has been difficult to endure even for the best of us, and working tirelessly will ruin you if it hasn’t happened before. You need to take some time, even if it means giving up some exciting adventure. You do not need to rest because you are weak, you need to rest because you are the dystopian person in history.

Because your question reflects the concern of your peers, I think you have received a full vaccination or you will soon. (If you are not, what are you waiting for?) I can’t pick you up for your tolerance, but if you took your guns and waited two weeks, would I urge you not to have anything more than to be at home? Can you rent a cabin in the woods or go to a campground? Would you like to go for a walk and spend hours every day walking around Portland, a beautiful city with amazing cars that you can order while wearing a mask and find a place to stay? Would you exchange a house for a friend who lives near the driveway, only to have you shake it off? Even if none of these things sound like fun or fun, there should be other ways you can mix up your home time – the best food to bring! metal masks! the books you have been leaving! -then the days are not the same. Spending time outdoors, whether I cover it or not, has become necessary for me to go insane soon; 10/10, very encouraging.

Leisure time may sound like the most important thing to keep in one safe trip, but I urge you to consider it as fuel for your tank – you need to refill it once or once in order to be able to go. Maybe that means you won’t have enough free days for a blast trip this year, nor will you burn this year, which is a reality. So please take a moment, whether you can escape or not. Send me a post at the back of the house.

Dear OOO,

I receive messages from me from many sources: late, email, Google Docs, Signal, text messages. I don’t know where to look first! Is there any way to solve the problem, or to set up supervisory teams so that we can all share the urgent message?


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