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Help! How Can I Become a Good Counselor?


Dear OOO,

My company set up an outreach program during the epidemic, and I was assigned to train my young and highly skilled friend. I’m happy with this! But I can’t be bothered to think that I didn’t do enough for her. We regularly visit and discuss the mix of great paintings and other works they do, but I do not supervise the work they do, and we can not meet face-to-face, and I do not know if I am living with what they wanted when they signed up. How can I become a better mentor?

-New York

The good news, New York, is that thanks to having partners, your young friend has already started the game. While 75% of employees are interested in training, according to Harvard Business Review, Only 37 percent of them say he has agent. So do not feel that you have to resort to uncouth behavior yourself.

I agree, however, on the various ideas mixed with the company’s support programs. It’s better than anything, where: In most places (most?), You’re left to dive or swim on your own, with the help of your boss to help you if you have a special opportunity. But in my experience, legitimate programs often feel like they’re just talking more about HR than what is on display at the company. Companies often start this by responding to employee complaints that they do not see a way forward – and do so for women and black people.

But this method is a small cage in a round hole. The big problem is that true technology does not mean helping someone to be promoted (or simply not). Senior executives need the same guidance as they do. It’s companies but too bad for making sensible ways to move forward, especially for those who have neglected them for years or decades. But repair that It is necessary to put in place a heavy, slow-moving company change, not just spending a few hours with people.

On the contrary, some studies have found that women are more likely to get sick too much technology, where what they really need is to supportNot one mentor, but one who suspects them of being promoted or promoted. Personally, I have met more men who are willing to teach about life, be asked or not, than those who want to make sure I get my work history or sit at the next table. This last group has made a huge difference in my career. In the meantime, my best mentors are always friends, not supervisors – the kind of people I can go with and say “Hey, how are you doing?” or who shall declare my name for ever?

This does not mean that the skills are useless, or that there is no reason to want to be a good teacher to your teenager. But to do so, you must clearly understand his purpose. Your question suggests that this is a voluntary program, so understanding what was on his mind when he signed up is crucial to a successful relationship. If you have not done this before, it is not too late – the first part of your relationship may have been about getting to know each other; Chapter 2 can be very important in the workplace.

Insufficient resources to make a relationship profitable are the ones that can fall on the maker, not the regulator. He is the only one who knows how to help him the most, and you should ask him directly. (People are often afraid to be embarrassed when they ask “What do you want from me?” But OOO comes boldly to be straight.) Do they want a job like yours? Do they need an older person who can ask them difficult questions to reach their employers? Or looking for someone to restore ideas?


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