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He created the Covid-Zapping Video Game. Then He Fought For Covid Truth

Before Penttinen was admitted to hospital, the Xbox team denied his submission for confirmation Guntech 2 to be released on the platform. To pass, he had to fix one small problem: The game did not show any progress bars on the display, which would make players think the game had fallen or stood still as the levels were raised. But because of the fever, Penttinen was terrified. He vividly remembers things that never happened.

“In a way, I made these enemies in my mind who turned out to be the reason for their rejection,” says Penttinen. In his malaria dream, friends turned to him, telling Microsoft not to publish his game. “The people who text me want the best for me. But I could not read or answer. I just saw the name in the window, then it became part of this horror. “

Once in the hospital, Penttinen was unable to deal with the problem that led to his game being released. He worried that failing to tackle one problem at a time would hinder his work.

Even if I die, my family can still make money. But if I’m completely out, how can I lose. You spend a year building this game, but it never comes out.

Eight days later, Penttinen was able to return home. The sun set and he returned to his home. For the next two weeks, Penttinen stayed in his room. A friend brought in an oxygen tank after Penttinen insurance did not cover its cost. Wen Sun brought her food and care for the children. He spent Christmas day like that, in the same house but in a different way.

When he recovered, Penttinen knew he had to offer the game to get the Xbox approved. When he did the job, he came back and played the game again. At this point, the explosion of the smithereens virus did not sound as shocking as before.

“Perhaps because of my experience, I did not feel like saying, ‘I’ll show you,’” says Penttinen. “I believed it would sound that way, but I feel like I’m too tough to retaliate.”

Penttinen re-submitted the game and it was approved, and on January 13th Guntech 2 went into business $ 20 for Xbox Series S / X and Xbox One. The developer says he wants to work on other types of other games.

Nowadays, Penttinen says he can still do more than just walk around without getting tired and breathing. But now that his game has been released, he feels relieved that “people all over the world can fight the virus.”

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