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GSK loses a great scientist in initiating anti-aging

Hal Barron will step down from GSK in August to take up a top job at Altos Labs

GlaxoSmithKline science director Hal Barron will step down in August as he moves to lead the Silicon Valley anti-aging team, disrupting the pharmacy team as it rushes to rebuild its pipeline.

Hal Barron, a former drug dealer, helped prepare the GSK trial while others who shared it expressed concern that Emma Walmsley’s lack of science was a hindrance. He will be replaced by incumbent Tony Wood.

Barron is leaving GSK to pursue a lucrative career at Altos Labs, a startup sponsored by billions including Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. He will remain on the GSK board as a non-executive leader and will continue to provide scientific advice.

Walmsley said Wednesday that Barron’s appointment to Altos Labs was a “special privilege” for him. “These changes provide us with a clear way to advance research and development in order to achieve our new patient growth and development goals,” he said.

Wood joined GSK from Pfizer in 2017 as vice president of medical science and technology. Walmsley said he was a “well-known scientist” who was Barron’s “key partner” and would increase his progress.

GSK is under pressure from investors, including the U.S. hedge fund Elliott Management, to show that it could revitalize its pipelines. Planning to prepare for the consumer health sector in the middle of this year – or a possible sale of this section – could provide pharma and vaccines to allocate more money to spend on research and development or take action to promote drug development.

When Walmsley hired Barron in 2017, once the regime came to power, most people considered it a coup d’état. A former medical director at Genentech pushed for a genetically driven approach and formed a partnership in the Bay Area, where he lives. Barron earned $ 11m in 2020, exceeding Walmsley’s salary of about $ 9.5m.

GSK shares fell 1.3 percent to 1.678p in the very early morning sales.

His departure comes just days after GSK denied £ 50bn from Unilever for its healthcare business.

Barron noted that over the past four years GSK has “significantly improved the quality and dynamics of our pipeline and all R&D products”, citing 13 major drug approvals and doubling the number of those who want to use the drug late in the final tests.

Last June, GSK said is expected to grow annual sales by more than 5 percent and increase employment profits by 10 percent over the next five years. It wants to hit $ 33bn in sales by 2031.

Altos Labs is hiring higher education experts from around the world to study how cells age and how to regenerate aging, with the hope of improving human longevity and longevity.

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