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Greens pledge to turn Germany ‘economically and environmentally’

The Green Party in Germany has won elections in recent weeks that promise to change the country’s economy and accelerate political change over the next 1035 years.

Promising to turn Germany into an “economic and environmental market”, Annalena Baerbock, the party’s leader, this weekend called for “cooperation with the German industry”. Companies that did not participate in the season and produce their own produce will receive compensation from the government, he said.

“For those who think that climate protection is the key to the economy, I would like to say: Yes, in the past, our prosperity depended on the burning of coal, oil, and gas. But the 20th century is over,” Baerbock said. “The future market will not interfere with the climate. . . The question is not whether this will happen, but who will do it best. And I want us to move forward. ”

She and her party have been closely scrutinized before the September parliamentary elections, which mark not only the end of Angela Merkel’s 16th anniversary but also see the eco-party as the first to be elected in Germany.

The Greens rose to prominence after Baerbock elected but the militants said its climate plans could hurt many people – on fuel and aircraft.

In the aftermath of a deadly attack on Merkel between the center-right Christian Democrats and the center-left of the Social Democrats, the Greens listed sixth in the government election last week. They drop up to 22 percent inside elections, and CDU again at the top, with 28 percent.

The Baerbocks, meanwhile, were played by the waves of opposition delay in reporting for additional funding and streamlining its education.

The CDU and the SPD, Germany’s main party and the Green Rangers, have raided a planned euro tax of 60 euros per tonne, claiming it has burdened fewer citizens. Green leaders have tried to spread their message that it will only cost citizens more money than the government thinks here.

Delegates at this week’s meeting will be a great help to Baerbock, despite complaints from the lower left that the leadership system is too small. Delegates rejected the proposal to boost carbon prices, and saved € 500bn over the next decade, following Green’s suggestion to clear Germany’s debt.

Amending the debt law, which is in the legislature, requires the support of two-thirds of the legislature, which experts doubt the Greens can afford. But the party is eager to shake his image as Prohibition Party (party ban) and to present themselves as drivers of innovation and social justice.

This did not really change the tone of the show. On Friday, a hospitality group called the Initiative for New Social Market Economy was launched business in almost every large paper, depicting Baerbock dressed in green robes like Moses, carrying two stone stones with the Ten Commandments “new”, as well as restrictions on fuel-efficient vehicles.

Strengthening his financial system, Mr. Baerbock also made clear the $ 1.9tn budget of US President Joe Biden and called for “a non-political maritime diplomatic partnership”.

He also spoke out against European and German foreign policy, criticizing the EU for its confidence in China’s imports of European building materials, and reiterating its rejection of Berlin’s support for the criticized Nord Stream 2 pipeline. “Europe has sold itself out. However, we are the global economic community, “he said.” We have everything we need to set our own standards…

While wanting a strong line between China and Russia to be the music in many ears in Washington, the Greens also promised to discuss Germany’s promise to Nato to spend 2% of its budget on defense, which would probably not please Biden officials.

Stefan Müller, the parliamentary speaker of the Bavarian CDU party, CSU, criticized the new platform as “an old-fashioned integration of the people, a full-fledged government and full knowledge”.

Achim Post, deputy head of the SPD parliamentary group, called it “a financial crisis,” saying “it is driven by hope but rather by reality”.

Baerbock, smiling after 98% of the delegates who voted on the platform, acknowledged the impending crisis. “That was an easy part,” he said. Now the real campaign has begun. ”

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