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Last week Disease prevention and prevention centers have taken over the country carefully by promoting the many secretive ideas of people who are fully vaccinated. On the one hand, the science is clear: Vaccinated people are at a much lower risk of taking Covid-19 than those who are not protected, which is why may not be at risk of shipping to others. Based on this, it is reasonable for them to need to wear masks frequently. But in a country where vaccination is not possible, the return of masking around the world makes some people who are not vaccinated reducing the use of the mask, putting themselves and others at risk. Not surprisingly, many in the medical community expressed concern that the new CDC guidelines were quickly and will reverse efforts to combat the virus.

The great success of the vaccine program in the US led to another phase of the epidemic – which we were not prepared for. The CDC’s announcement may have been sudden, but it forces us to think about where we live: How far are we from achieving it? livestock protection group, and what shall we do now? The speed of most immunization programs was suspended a few weeks ago-It has to be delayed and uncomfortable – many countries before reaching the vaccine rates that allow for re-opening. In the meantime, vaccinated people are eager to get back to things that are now safe for them.

In order to bridge the gap between what is necessary and what is likely to be politically motivated, the US needs to adopt alternative approaches to Covid. The new CDC technology increases momentum. And this will help the kind of new things that not only help to reduce the increase in numbers that can happen now but also give us hope for the future.

The program of controversy around the CDC’s direction reflects our exposure to the regular, mind-boggling-all of Covid’s performance. Blocking and hiding the environment helps to improve Covid, but it remains a big deal economic and social value treating everyone equally regardless of vaccine or disease. In contrast, vaccines represent skills that require fewer tradeoffs: They provide protection against the disease even if people return to their intended destination, always delaying the spread to protect others from any potential danger. But as long as the vaccine is not difficult for some and some may not be able to get it, we need other methods that also provide protection and habit. The time has already come for you to leave the big paradigm behind and prepare for a better, better “free will” epidemic.

Preparation increases potential. It magnifies a number of choices that may be tailored to our needs during the epidemic – whether it’s reconnecting with our friends at dinner because we’re in a hurry, or being extra careful because we’re not sick – and minimizing some stress for others. It does not require new products or technologies. It can include sensible and practical reasoning, as we began using self-made masks to protect us in the early days of the Covid-19 crisis.

There are a few areas that need to be prioritized for new developments as we move into the next phase of the epidemic. The first is increasing the number of vaccines. Governments, businesses, and other organizations should help attract the vaccine to delay and make vaccinations more readily available. Many have made progress in this regard. The biggest examples are Ohio cutting lottery, Alabama wants move two fingers around the Talladega Superspeedway for those who have been shot, and the recent experience of Biden’s management Uber and Lyft to provide passengers to vaccinated areas. In addition, it is expanding opportunities to use vaccine testing methods similar to New York Excelsior program or Remove Health Pass it is important. Creating a vaccine-only facility promotes public safety and promotes vaccination.

Communities also need transparent and accessible equipment and protection. Active antigen testing, for example, is still widely used. Since we have learned about its potential and its challenges, there are a number of methods that can be used. For example, rapid testing can be used as an alternative if vaccine validation is not possible. Finally, improving access to high-quality N95 masks and the development of air-conditioning equipment can help protect people, including those with adequate protection and minimal children from wearing masks, even if they have concealed ones.

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