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Great Bust of Redemption Yet It Can Really Affect

In early July, going on a weekend vacation, a Ransomware attacks against IT management company Kaseya you can’t hundreds of businesses, their stored data is well known Group of REvil ransomware. Now, US officials have announced unprecedented development: The rapist, a Ukrainian citizen, was arrested in October and is now awaiting repatriation from Poland.

Ransomware gangs have said done without punishment over the past few years, in part because most of them live in Russia and the Kremlin has stopped neglecting. The announcement by the Department of Justice on Monday, however, indicates that a mix of legal procedures is underway. The arrest and awaiting release of 22-year-old Yaroslav Vasinskyi shows that officials can catch key players when they land. And another major announcement, the confiscation of $ 6.1 million in payments allegedly received by Russia’s Yevgeniy Polyanin, shows that governments can thwart their wishes even if they fail to keep them.

“Vasinskyi’s arrest shows how we will work with our international friends to identify, find and arrest people who are said to be cybercriminals regardless of their whereabouts,” Secretary-General Merrick Garland told a news conference Monday. “Ransomware attacks are exacerbated by crime; that is why we are not just following the perpetrators. We are also committed to taking their illegal benefits and repaying them whenever we can to the victims who have been robbed.

Vasinskyi and Polyanin antagonists do not go into detail. Vasinskyi is said to have participated in the REvil role recently in December 2019, when he responded to an advertisement in a Russian conspiracy seeking allies. People who write a ransomware number often make it which are actually franchise deals due to their swindling devices in exchange for the money they earned — McDonald’s model for cybercrime. Vasinskyi is accused of committing a Kaseya attack, which spreads to several of the company’s customers through software updates. Eventually, the attack affected about 1,500 businesses.

Polyanin, 28, is also accused of sending REvil ransomware to victims. The lawsuit alleges that he was responsible for some of the redemptions made by many people. Texas government agencies in August 2019. Polyanin, who lives in Russia, is still at large but is thought to have 3,000 ransomware terrorists who have tried to extort at least $ 13 million from the victims.

“This is good news everywhere,” says Allan Liska, a security guard for Recorded Future security company. “This reminds ransomware players that they are not safe, even in Russia. ‘If we do not arrest you, we will take your money.’ Although ransomware players may have to use it outside of Russia at times, it is only when lawmakers have power. ”

In addition to sanctions announced recently from the Treasury Department and a awards from the State Department To hear more about DarkSide’s notorious terrorists, what the Department of Justice did Monday show the “entire government” of the Biden mantra ransomware.

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