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Google’s well-known Pixel may have older cameras than the Pixel 6


After using the prototypes , Google says it plans to release the twisted Pixel in 2022. According to 9 out of 5 Google deep into the current Google Camera APK, the phone is called Pipit. While there is no clear indication of how the folder looks or how it works, the APK provided notifications on the installation of the Pipit camera.

It looks like the main camera will have a 12.2MP sensor that Google uses on its devices between the Pixel 3 and Pixel 5. , meanwhile, uses a 50MP GN1 camera.

Pipit (or Pixel Fold, or whatever it may call) is said to use 12MP IMX386 ultrawide sensors like current Pixels, as well as two front 8MP IMX355 sensors. There may be one of the parts on the body so that people can take selfies if the device is twisted or exposed.

It is understandable that a large camera can be as powerless as the one in the Pixel 6 line. Those phones have to give the camera illumination enough space. The size is more stressful on the foldable than the slab smartphone, because it is twice as thick when closed. As a result, camera sensors with a lower profile may be better for Google right now.

Samsung has also used smaller cameras in its design than the S Series’s flagship devices. The , for example, does not have such powerful cameras as .

Elsewhere, the APK also includes the phrase “isPixel2022Foldable.” This is a good sign that Google is planning to release a twisted device next year, based on how Google used similar terms to refer to previous versions of Pixel.

Which is a good thing, Google has recently announced . The company plans to release the first Android 12L version next year, “in the era of Android 12 tablets and folders.”

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