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Google’s online experimental rate is now the standard

One of the many functions of Google that speed up the internet now available to everyone. CNET reports that the Internet Engineering Task Force has published Google QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) as a standard online standard, demonstrating that fast publishing technology is stable enough to be used on a larger scale.

The image replaces the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), which controls how information is placed in packets, emails and back to user information. QUIC quickly uses UDP (User Datagram Protocol) while boasting a speedy recovery. It also provides fast hidden connections and better maintenance of switches. Your secure web browsing, chat chats and phone browsing should see some of the big changes, in a way.

This has been a long time coming. Google first introduced QUIC as Chrome added in June 2013, and quickly developed a way to stream data from apps like Chrome to Google servers. The company awarded QUIC to the IETF for consideration in 2016.

Whether QUIC finds that many are adopting or not is another matter. Although here is a standard for everyone, there may be no rush to the TCP as it has been around since 1974. You can see that QUIC is slowly spreading between companies and services that could benefit from increased speed, but a complete change will not last long if not.

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