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Google’s Nest Thermostat drops to $ 88 on a one-day sale on Amazon


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Google released the Nest Thermostat late last year. While it was already a test tool for those who want to save energy and make their homes smarter, Google has upgraded its $ 130 price agreement. It has been sold several times, but today you can download it fifth color for $ 88, which is 32% off its normal price and is very low. Also, snow Thermostat with Manufacturing Tool retails for $ 103, or $ 12 compared to other Trim Kit packages. Some types are up to $ 100, which is the same selling price we saw in April around Earth Day.

Buy Nest Thermostat at Amazon – $ 88 Buy Nest Thermostat + Trim Kit at Amazon – $ 103

Compared to Nest’s previous tires, Ic it’s smaller, it has a more active side and it has a clear display where they all look beautiful and wake up on their own as you get closer. In addition to looking better than most thermostats, the Nest Thermostat is also very smart, which gives you the ability to adjust via electronic devices, Google’s Home app and even with the terms of Assistant or Alexa. The device also changes the steering wheel, which makes it easier to set your temperature.

But the obvious ones are probably the biggest sellers on devices like the Nest Thermostat. It detects when you leave your home and will go into Eco mode, keeping your home a little warmer until you return where you can raise or lower the temperature depending on your preferences. The Nest Thermostat also features a Savings Finder, something that constantly looks for ways to reduce your electricity bills throughout the year. For example, the device features weather-dependent changes – consider reducing your home temperature during the winter – which you can choose to agree to reduce your electricity bills. Even smart thermostats like the Nest take a bit of repetition as a well-lit bulb, and are a good entry point – and it is much better when you sell like this.

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