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Google’s Fuchsia OS is featured on the original Nest Hub

More than four years have passed since Google’s release Fuchsia method of public use. Software – once connected as Android instead – is currently moving to the first-generation Nest Hub as part of a change that owners may not be aware of, according to 9to5Google. While the smart design from 2018 may seem like the best tool in the launch of Fuchsia, Google is probably acting wisely.

In doing so, it helps to keep the Nest Hub a little more compact, with smaller images created by Google Assistant. The device is also supported by Flutter, an open source software framework that allows developers to easily download software across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and the Internet. As a result, Google should switch to Fuchsia because of the existing CastOS.

As 9to5Google reports, changes to the Nest Hub will be distributed in the coming months, starting with those in the Preview Program, before they become more widely available. While the performance of the smart screen may not change, testing Fuchsia on a public viewing device should help Google continue to focus on the app before it arrives.

On top of that, the hype around Fuchsia paid for phones and PCs, with Google’s internal testing in motion and Chromebooks add oil to the fire. But, the noise has stopped since then. Last we heard, Google was searching contributed skills from the public to open work.

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